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After exchanging our kansia region rail pass we headed on our first day trip to Himeji to see the wold heritage listed castle.And what a castle.

We arrived at Himeji around midday in the pouring rain and whilst trying to work out where the castle was all we had to do was look up and there it was right in front of us up on the hill.

So we headed up the road through the pissing rain,and on the way I saw a tank of blowfish and thought of the lucky patrons that would be sampling some fugu that night.If only my budget stretched to some.

The castle itself is arguably Japans best castle and although the day was horrible weather wise it still looked amazing perched on a hilltop and stood out for miles around.When we arrived at the castle I noticed a zoo,and I almost persuaded Stacey to go but because the rain was so bad we decided on just the zoo.

The castle itself was really cool and it reminded me of the castles I saw in the Akira Kurosawa films I watched as a teenager.We strolled around the castle for around an hour looking at snippets of information before heading back to Kyoto and warming my ass up on the fantastic toilets Japan has to offer.

A small note on the amazing toilets Japan has to offer. Nowhere in the world can you go into a public toilet and find it so immaculate for a start.Then you can check the cubicals,there are a few squatters and then they have the best things ever.The western toilets, with a twist, when you are freezing cold and don’t look forward to sitting down on a cold seat,don’t worry in Japan. I sat down and almost burnt my arse in doing so,but what bliss, a warm seat.Then you can start playing around with the other buttons and they have a sound that makes a flushing noise.Cool. Then there is the beday button where you get a sprinkle to clean your hole with.Fantastic!

James1985 says:
told you Mike, you can see it on the hill from the train station!
Posted on: Mar 07, 2011
mikethepizzadude says:
Awesome castle! I'll have to check it out next time :)
Posted on: Mar 07, 2011
kels162164 says:
Japanese toilets are like yin and yang- the old nasty holes in the ground and then the incredible seat-warming, water-splashing, odor-removing wonder seats you described!! I miss them already. (Although I never figured out what to do with that flushing sound!!)
Posted on: Jul 30, 2009
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