A waterfall rescue!The closest moment Stacey ever came to dying!

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In the background is the drop onto rocks stacey could of faced!

Today was the day it all happened, Wan had been nice enough to invite us to her village for the day, she hired a car and very sheepishly drove us to her village an hour away from Chang Mai on the way to Pai.

We got there and relaxed at her place in beautiful surroundings for an hour or so with Rolando and Cristobal ( the Chilean guys).Then we headed for the waterfall.

The drive went up a pretty rough dirt track and mid way up Wan freaked out and couldn’t drive any further,she wasn’t a very good or confident driver, So Rolando, who turned out to be Chiles version of Colin Mcrae, took over and drove us to the waterfall.

When we got there Wans son and friends headed off for a swim as did the Chileans,So we had to walk to the top of the waterfall with Wan.

Where stacey slipped and started sliding down!
When we got there Stacey stepped on a mossy part and slipped, I grabbed her and told her not to stand on the wet parts as they were dangerous.

So Wan took a step up to the next cascade up and I followed making sure to only stand on the wet parts.

Then as we were walking away I heard a faint yell of my name, then I turned around and saw Stacey sliding down the cascades on her arse to the precipice of the waterfall which was about a 10 metre drop on to rocks.

I immediately screamed and told her to dig her feet and hands in and grab anything she could. Wan stood next to me and screamed.Without thinking about a careful rescue I ran down the waterfall, slipped down a cascade and jarred my neck and head forward violently.Camera in hand aswell.

I slid down the flat rock to Stacey, wrecking my camera on the way.

Almost her last picture!
Stupidly I could of ended up in the same predicament as Stacey but I have more tricks up my sleeve than her. One thing being my weight, which stopped me at the right place so that I could reach her with a stick that I shouted at Wan to get.

Stacey didn’t say a word really through the whole thing, she looked in shock, but struggled to keep hold because of the water coming down on her. I dug my foot in a crevice and moved myself to the very edge of the waterfall adjacent from her and pulled from the side. And then walked away from the watefall. Disaster averted.

Then we realised we had wrecked our cloths and my camera was fucked, but also we were covered in hundreds of tiny leeches. But at least my girlfriend wasn’t dead. Like my face book status read “ a broken camera is better than a dead girlfriend”.

When I turned around and heard her shout and saw her slide to the edge scared the shit out of me, it’s a sight I will never forget. That split second I thought I was about to see my girlfriend die and everything went through my head in that short time. Like it would be my fault, an in the end of the day no matter what anyone says, im here to look after and make sure nothing happens to her.

I never want to see anything like that again so I banned Stacey from any water based activities for the rest of the trip. I think her family will agree that is the best way to look after her. hahaha

nomaden says:
I'm glad to hear nothing happened. I am a penchant of climbing slippery trails up to the top of a waterfall so I can jump in, several times had I slipped and I thought I would never see daylight again and the fear is crippling. But I am glad that my want to live is whats saving me each time. I get myself calm enough to extract myself from the danger I put myself in. Glad you were there. I can't imagine how shocking that must be for her if she isn't used to it.
Posted on: Jan 19, 2013
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In the background is the drop onto…
In the background is the drop ont…
Where stacey slipped and started s…
Where stacey slipped and started …
Almost her last picture!
Almost her last picture!
Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes