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We woke up at around 5 am on the Perhentian islands to the sound of distant rumbling,not a good sign for what lay ahead of us.Then a few minutes later it started pissing it down, well pissing it down would be an understatement.

When it got to time for getting up it was still torrential, we stood there watching it for a while before deciding to just go for it. So we covered our bags in the waterproof bags they came with and put all our valubles in the waterproof bag that we had, in what was the smartest move yet bought the day before.Then we headed down to the beach, and it was kind of cool, completely deserted except for a little guy who threw us on his boat and took us to the bigger ferry.

We waited on the big ferry for about an hour before it actually left for the mainland,this wasn’t great as we got thoroughly fucking drenched and all the waiting round was for nothing,as usual( but that it south east asia for you). The ride back was slightly more bare knuckle than on they way there as the weather wasn’t great, and at one point they put the nose of the boat underwater,not usually a good sign.

Finally back at Kuala besut on the mainland we were thoroughly saturated and had to change clothes as we didn’t want to spend the rest of the day soaked.We met some Australians that were heading in the same direction as us so we chipped in on a taxi to the border.

After we got through the border we tried to get a train to Surat thani but apparently something had just kicked off in Bangkok( riots or something to do with reds and yellows) and they just stopped all trains going south so we would be waiting a while.

So we were forced to get a minibus to Hat Yai which passed through military checkpoint every 200 metres or so.Wow, what was going on. Thais always seem to have something happen every few months to fuck themselves economically up the arse. Riots or something every time tourism( their main source of income by a long way) starts to pick up again.

As we got to Hat Yai we found another mini bus going to Surat thani, on the mini bus we met a solo English guy who had been travelling for about a tw months in southeast asia and thought he was actually a local now and started just talking shit to be honest.But you see a lot of these wankers here.The mini bus driver who took us to Surat thani was a complete tosser and at one point pushed me into the van,had he not been my driver I would have more than likely hit him.

When we finally got to Surat thani instead of being dropped off somewhere central like a bus station or something they did the usual and dropped us at a friends travel agents, I fucking hate this.So their friends grab your bags and take them into their shop then barrage you with lies about how you can only do certain things if you book with them.But luckily I hailed down a tuk tuk and we headed to a hotel for the night.

We settled in the hotel and then managed to head to the night market to get some food,which was great and cheap. It was at this market that I realised we were really in Thailand because of the abundance of ladyboys. If you are usually in doubt of a ladyboy its pretty simple to tell them …….

-If you have to double take a girl because you think they may be fit,they are not, they’re usuallu ladyboys as they always over do it, to make themselves look feminine.

-And the only thai men who are taller than western men tend to be ladyboys aswell.

-The adams apple is always a tell tale sign aswell.

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Surat Thani
photo by: newtampo