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We got up at 6am to get a bus to Siem reap , finally as I was going out of my mind at the lakeside in Phnom Penh, as much as it was a cool place to hang out.

The bus was ok but I was cramped the whole way because I had to sit above the wheel section, thus giving me no leg room whatsoever. Which being the tallest person on the bus with the least leg room became annoying. Even more so when the stupid cow in front of me kept trying to put her chair back, and scowled at me when I told her there wasn’t room for her to do it. When there physically wasn’t. It annoying being a westerner in asia sometimes with things like leg room, and im only 6 ft, its even more annoying when you get scowled at for not letting them put there chairs back, especially because I know south east Asians have an unrivalled ability to fall asleep in ANY position possible and pushing your chair back a few inches wont make much difference.

On the bus journey we had a couple of stops making a short trip long which is always the case again in asia. At one of the stops I tried a cricket, which to my surprise was actually quite tasty. I was about to try a tarantula when I saw they still had a bucket full of live ones and was put off.

When we got to the bus station we had pick up arranged from a guesthouse, a tuk tuk driver picked us up and took us there. He then started nagging me about organising a trip for that day or the next day. I almost told him to fuck off as we had just arrived and needed to get a room first.

He did his best to try and make us feel bad saying he didn’t get paid for picking us up and taking us to the guesthouse so we should book a trip with him. So apparently its our fault he doesn’t get paid.

I told him id be interested in going to the temples of Angkor the next day and he said it would be $10 US each to go, again I nearly told him to fuck off. I said there was no way I was going to pay a tuk tuk that amount of money for that. Then he tried to tell us it was the going rate, I said I knew theres rarely a “going rate” in Cambodia and I eventually agreed on $12, although that was probably quite enough.

After all that we chilled out for abit then went to sleep as we both felt like shit and were going to be getting up an 4 am to see sunrise at Angkor Wat.


So we dragged ourselves out of bed at 4 am to go outside to wait for our tuk tuk driver, he was late amazingly.

I walked around for abit and was almost attacked by a few dogs so I ran back to the safety of our guesthouse. When the driver finally turned up it was someone completely different, kind of annoying but I preferred him to the dick from the previous day.

We told him to take us to Angkor Wat for the sunrise which turned out to be abit of a waste because the weather was pretty crap and cloudy so there was no real sunrise, shame.

Angkor Wat itself however was epic, far beating anything I have seen so far on my trip with regards to ruins. We spent the next 2 hours walking round the grounds and inside the temple exploring it. Being so early it was almost deserted which was another bonus. The only downside is kids that climb all over the structures and hide then spring out on you and try to sell you things.

Nice try.

After Ankgor Wat we headed to Bayon and Angkor Thom. Bayon was awesome aswell and although it seemed a little rough around the edges it was one of my favourite ones we saw.

At Angkor Thom we saw loads of different temples and spent a few hours walking round there and had some breakfast, I even bought a painting of Angkor Wat for $20 which I couldn’t resist.

We finished the day with a visit to Tah Prom which was a temple destroyed by trees that grew up through the walls and buildings and split them in two. A really really good one.

When we left around 11am, early yes, but it was about to get hot as fuck and we had seen plenty in the previous hours, we went back and slept for a while.

My views on the temples of Angkor where that they have set the standard for sights so far on my trip, they are well looked after, ruins and grounds, a rarity in south east asia, and they really are awesome. For $20 I expect them to be like that. The only downside is the hassle you get from sellers etc. But then again, im more than used to that now.

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Siem Reap
photo by: genetravelling