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After a 13 hour bus journey where I seemed to be the only one who couldn’t get any sleep,maybe something to do with the constant honking and hair raising speeds, but we arrived in Hue at around 9am.

We immediately found a really nice hotel room and checked in before heading to the citadel. The Citadel itself was really impressive and a nice change from some of the architecture we had been seeing in the last few months.

It was a great place to stroll around but by around 12am it was sooo hot it was almost unbearable, this along with the fact I had just hit a brick wall of sleep deprevation forced us back to the hotel room for a sleep.

In the evening we went for some awesome tandoori chicken!


Very early 5.

30am start for our tour of the DMZ ( demilitarised zone), so after a rather disappointing buffet breakfast we headed on our way to the DMZ.

The tour itself was good in all fairness, the only downside being we were driving more than we were sightseeing. Oh yeah and the know it all Frenchman who kept correcting the guide making things very uncomfortable. Tosser!

We visited a few sights of interest and a few museums before heading for the Vinh Moc tunnels, these were awesome and I cant believe people lived in there for 6 years. After 6 minutes I was ready to get out as I had a stiff neck and sore back. But these tunnels were built for Vietnamese, not westerners. They were quite cramped in there and whilst leaving I saw a few large american tourists and thought they would have abit of trouble when it was their turn to go down.

Later that night i stayed up until 4am and watched England decimate Andorra in the world cup qualifyers. Thus sending us closer to the world cup!


I managed to stay in bed until 1pm which was great and I was surprised Stacey let me do it.Then we headed for a huge lunch which was too much and I couldn’t finish it.A rare sight.

I rented a bike and rode to the Thien Mu pagoda, I had a look from the front as I then realised I had no lock so couldn’t leave the bike anywhere, very annoying.

Later in the evening I had a curry but it turned out to be expensive and shit, very very annoying!

James1985 says:
just a matter of time, haha, I honestly thought they would never feature it.But maybe people are starting to "get" my humour now!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
johnyb66 says:
getting feartured now!! They must be getting used to your style of writing...
Posted on: Jun 13, 2009
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