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I had an early rise so I could run too the bank and get the rest of our money to pay for the next weeks worth of activities.On the way there I saw a huge monitor lizard just5 strolling along the road, a strange thing to see in any town.Let alone one in south east asia.

Whilst at the cash point I was besieged by beggars, now I have the motto don’t give to those who ask so they were wasting their time. But it amazed me how someone pretending to be crippled got up and started pulling my arm. What sense does this make? I now knew he was a fucking con man. Idiots.

Then at 7am we got on the boat to Mabul island and to Uncle changs dive lodge where we would be staying for the next week.

When we arrived at the island there was a huge argument going on between a german guy and the people who worked there.What had happened was one of the dive masters was drunk the night before and had thrown a chair at him. There was two things wrong with this, one was that if this had happened why wouldn’t anyone do anything about it, and two if anyone had thrown a chair at me they wouldn’t be doing much dive masting for a while after that. But we did start to wonder what the fuck we had done giving all that money to a dive company where these things happen.

It sooned calmed down and we had to start our Padi open water course, which just involved a days self study through the manual they give you, I didn’t really pay much attention because im better in practical situations.

And also staying on a tropical island as beautiful as Mabul isn’t the best place to revise.

In the evening we met Michael and Anna the polish couple we kept meeting and went snorkelling for abit where I saw a big ass titan triggerfish and made sure to keep well away.


ON our second day we started our confined water dives as part of our course, on our course was a nice Dutch guy called Remy,who was reading a Jimmy Nail autobiography,haha, and a completely clueless Malaysian girl. Unfortunately for Remy he had done no revising whatsoever as he had just arrived at the lodge and was thrown in the literal sense ‘Straight in the deep end’.

We were slightly worried as the night before the guy who had claimed to be our instructor was thoroughly inebriated and we didn’t actually believe he would be taking us diving the next day.

But to his credit he was an excellent instructor.

On our first dive we went through all the basics of scuba diving and emergency procedures.But the second closed water dive was great as we just finished the procedures and went on a dive of Paradise 2 reef which I saw straight away a huge green turtle,then some Clarks anenomefish, more triggerfish, and some cool trumpet fish among others.

After doing the dives I had felt so much more confident than when I had just read all the shit from the book. I was really eager for the next days diving to come.

In the evening we went to see Michael and Anna as it would be the last time we saw them, it was when the island participated in Earth hour, where you turn lights off for one hour. Which I later learned to be completely pointless because if the whole world apart from China had turned its lights off for an hour, it was the equivalent of China turning its lights off for 6 seconds.

And if you have two candles to one light you turn off its worse for the atmosphere.Utterly pointless. We should of got everyone on the island and tidied up the rubbish on the island for an hour.


Today was our second day of diving and our first open water dives, which involved more training and abit of underwater discovery.

On our first dive on house reef Stacey nearly freaked out and bolted to the surface but our instructor Senrick grabbed her and calmed her down. Had Stacey bolted to the surface things could have been a lot worse.

On that dive we went to House reef which was an artificial reef on Mabul island, where we went as deep as 20 metres at one point and im pretty sure we weren’t allowed to do that but we did. We saw some Crocodile fish, Barred Moray eel which was hiding in the basin of a toilet bowl at the bottom,very funny.

We also saw a sea cucumber, bulleted parrotfish, school of jacks, Redtooth triggerfish among others.

Our second dive was back on Paradise 2 and we saw 3 green turtles, a school of juvenile barracuda, nudibranch, more clarks anenomefish, some clown triggerfish and an Emperor angelfish, again amongst so many others I cant even remember.

On the last dive of the day we did our final procedures we needed to learn and then saw a blue spotted stingray, school of yellow fin, 2 green turtles, common lionfish and some pipefish.

If that wasn’t enough we spent the evening sat on the veranda outside the lodge watching around 10 green turtles just breaching out the water for a few hours.Easily the best day of the whole trip so far!\


Today we spent most of the day revising for our test in the afternoon for our Open water divers certification.

If im honest im a pretty lazy person when it comes to revising,I tend to just remember things and do it on the night. But we took our test and passed easily.We are now open water divers.

We met Malcolm again who we had kept seeing in Borneo which another good surprise, although I had a funny conversation with some pretty sheltered south Africans he was with.

One of them was moaning about something an American guy had said to her, this involved the guy implying every white family in south Africa had a garden boy and a maid.She didn’t like this assumption at all, I asked her if she did have both of these and it turned out she actually did. So I told her to stop fucking moaning because the guy was right.

Then the other south African piped up saying it was south africas way of making jobs.I asked them if by any chance there servants where black and if they government paid for them to which they replied yes to one and no to the other.So I told them again to stop fucking moaning.Then they said it was the same in England, apparently we all have maids and Garden boys,Hahahaha, if only they knew how stupid they sounded.

Later in the evening we had a few drinks and enjoyed the smuggled rum from the phillipines,and we started talking about drugs when this stupid English lad said that ecstasy was a perfectly safe drug. I almost punched him for such a retarded remark.


Having passed our test yesterday we had a day to pass before we would dive Sipidan tomorrow.

I managed to blag some free snorkelling gear and headed of to Paradise 2 with Daniele(man) in the morning. We saw loads of cool stuff like turtles, blue spotted stingray,titan triggerfish etc. I managed to burn my back however as I was snorkelling for around 2 hours.

In the afternoon we went again and saw more turtles, a family of crocodile fish,4 huge Lion fish, pipefish and many many more,we spent the whole time looking for frogfish but with no luck.

When back at the lodge I was talking to Malcolm when I told him we saw a family of Crocodile fish,then some cunt of an american woman piped up.

“Crocodile fish, oh we see hundreds of them, infact we see so many we don’t even point them out”

I couldn’t believe what she had just said, I wasn’t talking to her so I was close to telling her to shut her fucking mouth,when she went on.

“Seeing a Crocodile fish is like seeing a Macaque in the jungle”

Now that last sentence was the funniest thing id ever heard,what a complete an utter fucking whore she was. What she had just said had clearly just been complete bullshit and further more why the fuck did she need to say it. For the first time in maybe my life I was speechless.There was so much I could of said to her but didn’t because I didn’t no where to start. So for the first time in my life I took the moral high ground and walked away.Hopefully they would lose her on a night dive.


Today was the big one we were going to the world famous Sipidan island.Just two days after doing our open water course.A fine place for our first fun dives.

When we arrived at the island we had to sign a register for our permits to dive and it was then I realised how special this place actually was.

The water surrounding the jetty was literally teeming with life and everywhere I looked I could see thousands of fish. Straight away I knew why this place was amazing.It was unreal , I couldn’t wait to get in the water.

Our first dive was at a place called the hanging gardens and we were in the water about two seconds when Remy shouted to me “ Shark” I looked down and there was a white tip circling below us.The first shark I would see, but in that next dive I would go on to see about 20 of them and about 20 turtles amomg millions and millions of other fish that I cant even remember. At one point a shark came around 2 feet away from me.Such an awesome feeling.

Then we went back to the island where we chilled for a couple of hours and I did some snorkelling where I saw millions of fish and sharks and turtles etc.

Then the second dive we did was at barracuda point and we saw thousands of Barracuda going in circles and nudibranch,more sharks , turtles, and a great spot in a leaf scorpion fish.It was an amazing dive but I chugged away on my air big time.

After the dives we had to leave the island and head back to semporna, it was a great shame.But easily the best thing I have done on the whole trip.

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