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We made a move relatively early today to go to the Temple of Heaven which was in the southern part of Beijing. So after a few stops on the metro we got off and made our way to the entrance. As it turned out we walked the long way round which was rather annoying but on the way we did see the pearl market which we would pay a visit to later on.

At the entrance to the Temple of Heaven we tried to get a student rate again but they were having none of it and only allowing chinese students to get that discount, not that im a student as i have a fake student Id, courtesy of Khaosan road in Thailand. But i think thats rather unfair, especially as some places allowed it and others didnt. Maybe it was just down to how racist the person working was.

But thats fine, it will bite them back when im in a position of simlair power back in England!

There was the choice between the through ticket and a grounds ticket, we went for the through ticket which meant we could actually go into the temple. I think a better translation would of been better to explain it as a through ticket doesnt make to much sense.

The grounds themselves were immaculate, much in keeping with most of Beijing being really clean( shitty smoggy air aside). We could of strolled round the grounds for most of the time but its a good idea to go and see the temple you are paying to see.

So we headed into the Temple of Heaven and it really was a beautiful building with some impressive paintings on its side to see, as always the only downside was the masses of chinese tourists there, and as usual you dont have to go far to avoid them.

Sometimes i think they are very much checklist tourists, once theyve seen it they go to the next highlight.

We spent a couple of hours in the grounds and i bought a fridge magnet, something i was doing more often now, and then we left. We saw the Pearl market again and i wondered if it just sold Pearls so we headed in. It didnt just sell pearls but what id did find out was this was the place to get some real bargains.

As we walked in we were hounded by some girls asking if we wanted scarves in sometimes really strange british accents, which never fails to amuse me, maybe they learnt their english from watching Only fool and horses or something.

I bought an ipod connection lead, some Jean paul gautier aftershave and Stacey got a tea set, all for about 8 pounds. A real bargain. But i had to be really obnoxious with my haggling. Stacey did her usual of standing there laughing or saying i shouldnt haggle over 50p but i was in the zone. I saved us at least 40quid in haggling. Im not going to feel bad either as they wont sell it to me to cheap so its not loss to them. Although one girl did her best to look like she was about to cry over the price, but she didnt have to sell the tea set!

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photo by: Deats