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We ended up spending 8 days in Mcleod Ganj, when we arrived i was pleasantly suprised with the town and after walking the wrong direction in the rain we eventually found the hotel we wanted to stay in.

The next few days where quite samey really, but one day we walked to Dharamshala and watched a cricket match, which while watching it i realised i didnt have a beer, and also that i was actually watching cricket, and there was no-one in fancy dress. Then i realised i was in India, where people actually like cricket.haha.

One night after doing really well and being vegetarian i went for mutton masala, it was awful the meat was pretty insubstantial and abit to chewy for my liking.

The food would have more of an affect on me that i had first realised. I spent most of the night awake with stomach cramps until around 4am when they finally subsided.

In the morning stacey got in the shower and my stomach and bowels started playing games with me. I shouted to stacey to get the fuck out of the shower, she asked me why and i said " you know why". What followed when i eventually got onto the toilet was an explosion of brown arse water. It was like a tap was turned on and i drew all my strenght out of me. Minutes later it was over and i was exhausted. But happy with the fact i made it to the toilet.

I wasnt feeling ill though i just had a very temperemental arse, i didnt want to venture far that day for obvious reasons. I had things like Sharts to worry about, and in the words of a friend of mine " i didnt want to gamble, then lose" .

So we chilled out in the guesthouse for the day.

THe next few days i got slighty better but i think eating curry everyday didnt help. One problem i encountered was the more curry i ate the more my shit smelt like curry, then whenever i went to order curry or it came out the smell just reminded me of shit.

So i laid off it for a few days.

One day we walked to Bhagsu just up the road from Mcloed Ganj, it can only be described as little Israel, if i was an indian person there i would of felt left out, it was similair to Lake Toba in Sumatra being Little Finland. We made our way up to the waterfall there but going on our previous experiences of waterfalls i kept stacey well away. On our wat to Bhagsu we were almost attacked by some monkeys, this was because of some retarded Tibetan guy, one of the young monkeys had crossed the road infront of us and the guy threw a massive rock at the adults then seperating the mother with her young.

The monkeys freaked and we were right in the middle and about to get attacked. i grabbed stacey and moved her through as quick as possible. Then i said to they guy he was a fucking idiot but id doubt he realised what i had said.

One day we went to the Tibet museum, which after i left i found myself hating China, a shame after having loved it so much. I was immediatly behind the Free Tibet cause.

On our last day in Mcleod Ganj was an important one and the reason we had been here so long, we were going to a teaching by the Dalai lama himself. We arrived early but the place was packed. We followed a path round the back of the masses and sat down when there was no more room.

When i sat down i was immediatly berated by an Australian woman who said i shouldnt sit in the path, it wasnt a path, it was space, space of which there was no more room.

Someone jumped to my defence and she shut up. I dragged myself in as much as i could and there was room. A few minutes later a french buddhist nun came and sat there too. She then proceeded in giving me shit for being in the aisle, which she was also sat it. But of course whe wasnt in the wrong. She spent the entire teaching either telling me off, hitting me to move for people who i could see where coming, or hitting me with the aerial on her radio. Lucky i rose above it all and tried my best to ingore her. 8 months ago id of freaked out and gone mad.

The teaching went on for 2 hours and to be honest was above my head, i was one of the most agonising two hours of my life being stuck in no space and being hit by the french woman. I dont mean to sound like a dick, but i only wanted to see the Dalai lama and i did. Twice! When he finished his teaching he came past us about 5 metres away, surrounded by security. It was a priviledge however to see him.

rararoxybrown82 says:
Thank you for the information. I will have to make sure to stay away from the meat when I get there.
Posted on: Jan 06, 2013
James1985 says:
Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
vvicy1 says:
Awww was just remembering how much I liked the momos they sold on the street there!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
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