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the famous Mrs Wan

We had a week to kill in Thailand, we had done most of the things we wanted to do, and the weather on the island were shit. So instead we decided to head back to Chang Mai ( one of our favourite places) and stay with the amazing Mrs Wan.

When we got there it was early in the morning, and the Khao san bus had taken us to what they told us was the centre, which was near the fucking airport. A joke. Especially as I caught a thai guy creeping along the floor of the bus and im pretty sure he had his hands on my bag when I caught him. Unlucky for him I don’t sleep in night buses.

So we got off the bus, and when they realised we didn’t want to go trekking with them, this was 4.30am, they told us to get in a pick up.

We did, then the woman told me we had to pay 20bht each( standard price at least) for them to take us to her hotel, which was the only one open. It was great because I knew my way around so asked her where it was and she wouldn’t asnwer. So I said I didn’t want to pay to be taken somewhere I didn’t want to go. And a few of the other backpackers backed me up. Then we all got kicked off the pick up and told to walk. An older dutch couple looked pretty pissed off and walked off into the middle of nowhere.

That left me in charge to basically be a tour guide for 10 knackered westerners, a French couple said they were going to walk to the centre, but I told them it was pretty far they decided not to. Luckily I got another pick up to take us to the centre. When we were there I ended up showing people around cheap hostels and guesthouses, keeping them away from the one I wanted to go to as they only had 4 rooms.

Finally we got to Wans and she was really happy to see us.

The next few days we relaxed and spent some time with Wan and many of the people who come and go at her place. I also spent most the time pissed, because she was so happy we came back to see her she kept giving me free beer. Bonus.

One night we were sat in her bar at the front talking shit and drunk when out of nowhere an elephant came walking up the road, leaned in took all our peanuts and then fucked off. I think it was lager I was drinking I thanked the heavens that the elephant hadn’t turned out to be pink.

After 5 days of this we had to leave to go back to Bangkok and then head to China, I was gutted coz I got used to doing nothing at Wan’s and I liked it. She was like a second mother to me. Even when I went to pay she refused to take all I owed. Saying I can give it her next time I go see her. All I can say is if there is anywhere is will go back to then its chang mai and that’s just to stay with Wan.

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the famous Mrs Wan
the famous Mrs Wan
Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes