The ever impressive Summer palace, all the while fighting an awful hangover!

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When i was woken up by Stacey, it wasnt good. My head was throbbing, my eyes were blurry and i needed a piss badly. So i walked ouit of the dorm room to the toilet. Oh right yeah, there was only two toilets in the entire building for dorm users. Half pissed i went to the front desk and started moaning some bollocks like ' why the fuck do you only have two available' i stumbled off and saw a door open to a room and a faint glimpse of a bathroom. On the verge of pissing myself i walked in regardless. I let out a huge sigh of relief when it finally flowed and then left. As i opened the door there was a rather scared looking chinese couple who must of been a least 60. I smiled said thank you and walked off happy with the fact that i didnt piss myself.

We arranged with JR and Jess that we would go to the Summer palace with them today, so at 12 we met and headed off.

If im honest i didnt want to go, the hangover was too much, and i forgot to shower so i stank of B.O.

We had to get the metro part way then change to a local bus. The bus took over an hour to get there and that hour was one of the worst of my life. I got told off by a woman for having my arm out a window, and the bus journey was so bouncy( it probably wasnt but i was fucked) i was on the verge of throwing up the whole way. I must of looked like a scene cut from Trainspotting.

Finally arriving at the Summer palace i grabbed a drink as quickly as possible to try and makke myself feel better, it helped slightly.

After buying out tickets( non student again) we headed in to the grounds, my immediate thought was dread as i realised i would have to walk up loads of steps to get to the top of the grounds, not good news.

But i struggled on, not wanting our american friends to think i was a dick.

The Summer palace grounds and buildings were really impressive, it really was a beautiful place and i did my best to appreciate them in the state i was in. We stayed there for around 4 hours, contemplated a boat trip but a boat was the last place i wanted to be in my current frame of mind.

I did manage to persuade Stacey to let me have a hotdog which temporarily lift my spirits. After the 4 hours we headed back to the bus :-(   Back near the hostel we went for dinner, we ordered way too much and they even brought meals we didnt order and we were forced to pay for. Thats another thing annoying about Asia, the waiters are NEVER wrong, personally if i was them i would of just spat in all our food.haha. I am joking of course.

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photo by: Deats