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We couldnt get train tickets from Hardiwar to Varanasi, so we had to head back to Dehli. This wasnt too bad because i was able to go to the hospital and find out what the pain coming from my balls was. It was starting to worry me to say the least.

I left Stacey in the guesthouse and went in search of a rickshaw, which i knew should cost me 80 rupees. I spoke to a kashmiri who informed me it would cost me 450rupees. I laughed in his face, and told him to stop talking shit and tell me what the actual price was. He kept insisting that was the price, and what didnt help matters was that i was already abit on edge on what to expect at the hospital. We spent he next couple of minutes haggling and he wasnt budging.

Then i lost it, i started shouting at him, calling him a con man who preys on tourists, and should be fucking ashamed of himself, what was then basically a 5 minute barrage of ranting at him a crowd had formed, and i had Indian people telling me that the price to where i wanted to go should be 100rps maximum. What was funny was how angry he got at them and how he was still trying to defend himself. Usually i would of walked away from a guy like that, but today was not a good day for him. Eventually a guy offered to take me for 150rps in a taxi, so i did it, just to get away from the place. Hopefully i suceeded in shaming the guy and making him look a cunt, all the other taxi drivers and locals seemed to be giving him some stick when i left. I made a point not to go back there at night again....just incase.

At the hospital when i walked in they assumed i had the shits, which is obviously common for foreigners in India, but i had to explain to them i need to have a check downstairs. The surgeon was called in and he examined me, the examination was fucking agony but to my relief really, it was a hernia. I was told it needed rest and i wasnt allowed to carry my backpack at all, kind of hard really.

So in the morning we booked the rest of our trip from the tourist booking office at the train station. We would go to varanasi-Agra-Mumbai and then spend the rest of the trip in Goa resting. To be honest it was quite welcome!

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