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We got into Banda Ache at around 7am and it was clear to me that this place had been completely decimated by the Tsunami and that after years of attrocities that happened to the locals by the Indonesian army.

The city itself was fucked,they had a long way to go before the local infrastructure could rebuild accordingly,what a shame as all the locals we met in our brief time seemed very happy and kind.Not what the foreign office would tell you I bet.

We decided to go with the only taxi driver who offered us a fair price,he stood there whilst all the others named these farcical prices to us and just gave us a fair price.I don’t mind paying for things aslong as they are fair,and although I am aware haggling is part of life here I think it breeds conmen and cheats.

So if I haggle with someone who tried to charge me say $20 for something, and I work him down to say $5.I will realise this is the actual price and then got around the drivers until one of them offers this price or close to it.Then I know they are honest and they deserve the money more.In the long run I think this may help the others to be more honest,but im probably wasting my time,but I don’t care.

Our driver took us to the airport to arrange tickets to Bali with Lion Air who turned out to be a complete fucking joke of an airline and company with no idea how to run a service,so we just headed to the ferry dock to Pulau Weh.

We got to Pulau Weh and were forced to pay a ridiculous amount to get to one of the two small beaches really available on the island.We went to the first one and had a look at all the accomodation which ranged from shit to awful. Someone recommended me one but that was full so we took somewhere else.As I went to wash in the communal mandi I saw the water to wash with was disgusting, so I didn’t wash, then I went back to the bungalow and found Stacey on the verge of screaming.It seems when she was lying in the hammock a scorpion had ran across her.This place was shit,so we headed for the next beach.

We found some better accomodation and had a stroll round the beach,the water was like a swimming pool but the beach and surrounding area more like a bin, not surprisingly the first place in Indonesia resembling a bin, if only the government educated locals in recycling and provided some sort of rubbish disposal.

We intended on doing our open water dive courses here but priced at around 300quid we opted against it.That is just too much money.Way too much.


After deciding not to stay any longer than another night seeing as we weren’t diving,we decided to relax on the beach and I would try worthwile snorkeling for the first time.

We spent around an hour swimming around and saw some cool fish like angelfish , blennys etc. I even saw these beautiful little fish with amazing colouring and a conical shaped mouth(I would later find out this was a triggerfish).

I swam following a few triggerfish which were only a few inches long but at a safe distance as not to spook them.Then I was swimming along looking down when I felt something flick my leg.Stacey not looking where she is kicking I bet.

So I looked up to tell her to watch where she is going when I realized she was nowhere near me.

That was when my heart sank and my brain started playing tricks on me.It was saying to me ‘ What the fuck was that james ? If it wasn’t Stacey kicking you then what the fuck was it? You know what it was,some sort of poisonous fish that you don’t know about and within seconds you going to be dead. Or some sort of shark maybe,tasting to see if you taste nice ‘. It took me a lot of courage to look underwater , it was a half moon triggerfish,no more than 8 inches long,squaring up top me. It went for a few times before my frantic splashing and screaming scared it off.I had to swim back to shallow water to get my breath back.I looked at my leg to see a speck of blood.My first encounter with a monster of the deep.

Then I called it a day on the snorkeling and sat relaxing getting ready for the day tomorrow,more overnight bus travel and ferries.Yay!!

Deats says:
Oh, that sucks. I remember Julies, it was right at the end of the beach. We used to eat there as i \t was ramadan and nowhere else served food.
Posted on: Apr 30, 2009
James1985 says:
yeah we tried erics but typically it was full,so we ended up at julies which was ran by a complete skank.we soon left after the scorpion incident.haha
Posted on: Apr 30, 2009
Deats says:
Sorry it didnt work out for you mate! Did you try Erics on Iboih beach? Where was the scorpion! Sounds like its gone to shit!
Posted on: Apr 29, 2009
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Pulau Weh
photo by: Stevie_Wes