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After fucking around in the morning and getting crammed in a minibus we got to Bangkoks airport and did our best to not look in any shops, just incase we got accused of stealing and arrested.

The flight to Hong Kong was awful, it was pretty much 3 hours of turbulence, then I remembered the reason why I don’t like flying. I had to constantly tell the guy in front of me to stop trying to put hi chair back because there wasn’t any room because my legs were taking it all up. He looked annoyed, but no surprise there.

We got to Hong Kong on time and after getting some money we got on the E41 bus to Kwong Fuk road. We would be staying with Sid a guy we had approached on couch surfing. I had all the details to get to his place and we found it easily.

We got there and no-one was in so we let ourselves in, it was midnight so we decided to go to bed and hopefully see Sid in the morning.

Not long after we went to bed I heard the door go, so I went to introduce myself to Sid. It wasn’t him but a French couple also couch surfing, then they told me that he had gone on holiday the day before. Then we realised we would be staying in someones house that we would never meet. A first, but quite amusing.


We had a travbuddy meet today, actually it was our first one on this trip I think. So we headed to the harbour side to meet everyone. When we got there we jumped on the Star ferry to Hong Kong island and then headed to the tram line to the top of victoria peak.

The views from the top were awesome and Hong Kong looked amazing, it was well worth the ride up.Although it was pretty damn hot.

Afterwards we headed into central and went for a simple Chinese lunch which was really nice and pretty cheap, although Chispa, one of the travbuddys from Hong Kong insisted she paid, this was too much but she wouldn’t let us.

So we said that when she comes to England we would buy her a roast and some fish and chips.

We headed back to our accomodation for abit to get washed and sorted before heading back out to Mong Kok for dinner. We had an awesome dinner and some nice Tsingtao. I was thoroughly stuffed by the end of the meal. Then we headed back to Hong Kong island for some beers. Instead of going in the bars which were expensive we got some drinks from 7/11 and sat outside the bar getting the same experience for less the price.haha


Today we decided to make our way to Lantau island and view the huge Buddha that sits atop a hill.

It was quite a long journey to get there, best part of an hour on the subway then 45 minutes on a bus. But well worth it.

The Buddha was cool and we had to walk up around 260 steps to get to the top, and it was so hot it took it out of me. But luckily for us there was air con in the shop up there which was a life saver.haha

We got back to the harbour side in the early evening and went to the avenue of the stars, which was like a wet dream for me. I grew up through my teens watching Hong Kong cinema and all of the actors here I knew so I loved it. And I found out that I have exactly the same size hands as Jackie Chan, GET IN! It even had a huge bronze statue of Bruce Lee, cool. The only downside was Stacey got grabbed to be in some photos with some Chinese people, I expect it in places like Indonesia etc but hong kong? I suppose its visiting Chinese who never see westerners.

I almost got grabbed for a few photos but avoided them. Its weird being a tourist attraction yourself.


Having done so much the last 4 days we decided to hang around the Tai po market area and not do much, we were going to walk some of the Wilson trail but the weather was shit so we were pretty much stuck indoors allday.

In the evening we realised that there was now 7 couch surfers in Sids small apartment. Crazy! Tomorrow we would be leaving Hong Kong for China. Woohoo.

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