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We got up at 6.30am in order to be picked up from our hotel at 7.30am by the bus company. There was a knock on our room from someone who spoke no English at 7.20am, we didn’t remember saying we needed a wake up call but we were ready to go anyway.

We waited downstairs and 7.30am nothing, so we kept calm but knew the bus was leaving at 8am. 8 am came and nothing, so we started to worry. Then the guesthouse woman rang them up and at 8.30am they came, and tried to accuse us of being asleep at 7.30am when they came. We told them we were downstairs at 7.20am and they were either lying( extremely probable) or they came earlier and not even looked for us.

The bus took 7 hours to get to Dalat through some stunning scenery but I can never truly enjoy scenery like that while in a vehicle with a Vietnamese driver.

A word on their drivers, they are complete twats and all have death wishes.

When we arrived Stacey felt like shit so we got a hotel and just chilled out for a while. This was hard because we had a room near the front of the building and it was like sleeping on a motorway. All we could hear was honking and 2 stroke.

When it came to go to sleep, I had somewhat of a mini breakdown. I was lying there trying to dose off when I heard some americans just downstairs, and instead of talking to each other they decided to shout to each other while right next to each other( I am sorry guys but you can be very loud unknowingly).

So I got up to go and tell them to shut the fuck up but when I got there they had shut up and fucked off. Calmed down I went to bed again, but then I heard talking right outside my room, what made it worse was this place had extremely thin walls so I could hear everything.

Most of the convo was about how this pair wanted to get it on.

I tried my best to ignore it but then some Vietnamese lads decided to play a game of football outside our room at 1am. That was it, I opened the door and intended to go and shout at the lads when I stumbled across the couple outside, not shagging but may aswell have been. Busted! An American girl and a local guy. But they did fuck off so it was a bonus, and the football game finished. I would say usually I wouldn’t mind it being a game of football but the standard these guys were playing was worth a bollocking alone.

At around 2am in finally drifted off to sleep! But not for long!


Not long at all, at 5am I was woken by the honking of the coaches, taxis and Easy riders! Great, just fucking great.

This was it, I had an epiphany, I liked Vietnam for nearly a month but this was tipping me over the edge. I wanted to walk out of the hotel and shout “shut the fuck up” at everyone.

Needless to say we left the hotel straight away and moved a few doors up but got a room at the back of the hotel which was bliss as it was almost completely silent. A rarity in Vietnam.

Knackered we chilled until midday, but Stacey was ill, so after lunch I headed out on my own. I spent the next couple of hours walking round the lake by Dalat town. It was nice enough, and on the way round I met some students who motioned me over to them.I went over and they were very nice, offering me booze, food and wanted to take loadsa photos. I let them but the girls seemed to think I was some sort of trophy and were grabbing my ears and leaning on my head.


I strolled along at my own pace stopping occasionally to sit down and take in the atmosphere, but as with most things here it was ruined by the sound of shouting tourists and scooters. It was nice to just walk around on my own and take it all in. Then I headed back to see if Stacey was any better but not really. But I managed to get her up and we had a nice dinner.


An early rise for a tour we booked of the surrounding area, and to our surprise it was a private tour as no-one else had booked on it. A bonus in a way but its always nice to meet other people on these tours.

At first we went to a palace, well they called it a palace but if I was a prince id be disgusted. It was awful and looked more like an old peoples home.

Afterwards we went to the meditation centre which was beautiful, but I don’t know how they got any meditation one because the place was over run with Vietnamese tourists. One young lad there obviously knew some English as he kept saying Fuck you, we weren’t sure if he was saying that but after listening more we realised it was aimed at us. So I just called him a little shit and hoped he fell off a cliff or something.

Then we moved onto a waterfall, and you know how I feel about them after Stacey’s heroics at the last one. The cool thing about it was thought there was a rollercoaster to take you down and back up. We didn’t have enough time however to que to get down then back up, so we gave it a miss.

We paid a quick visit to the crazy house before having an expensive lunch at a restaurant at the drivers choice, but never mind.

In the afternoon we went to the Valley of Love and the Lake of sighs which were really beautiful if a little tacky. We rented a pedalo but it was shit and we struggled round the lake for half an hour before heading back, and catching the driver and his friends gambling again in the van. That was funny because he always seemed to lose.haha.

Lastly we went to a historical village and were able to see some really impressive pictures made by sewing.Then we headed back to our hotel for a while before heading for some dinner.

travella says:
hey james, haha loved reading your blog, ive had similar experiences with the whole noise thing but i think you win..haha
I hope your friend 'stace' is feeling much better and i hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, can't wait until i hear about your next advent-jah...
take care :)
Posted on: Jun 28, 2009
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