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Nursing a slight hangover again which was becoming more and more common I got up at 9am. We all booked on a minivan to Vang Vieng.

We couldn’t go at 11.30 so we went at 1.30 so we wasted a few hours with a game of monopoly where I got back to winning ways.

At 1.30pm we got to the bus station to board a minivan. We waited round for a while before leaving, when we booked the ticket we had paid for air con but the dick head driver refused to put it on( something that happened a lot in Laos). This is annoying when he was the only one who didn’t want it on. Admittidly I wanted to punch the ignorant twat, he threatened to take us back to Luang Prabang but it would of made sense as he would of made no money.

So much for the people of Laos being so nice.

The journey itself through the mountains was although hot, the scenery was easily the nicest I have seen so far on the trip, it was absolutely stunning.Shame about the wanker driver.

Then at 8 pm we arrived at Vang Vieng and saw the horror show, café after café of friends….i like friends but not in everywhere you eat.


Finally after what seemed like an age we got to have a lie in. We managed to stay in bed until 11am.Then we got up and had lunch before heading to the river and the bars.

Now the scenery here is stunning but the river is lined by bars full of pissed up 18year old gapyearers who should of been in Ibiza. Every bar has a rope swing or slide.

The trouble is as much as I hated it I loved it too, it’s a great idea but sooo unsafe.

Something which would bite me in the arse.

I went on one of the rope swings when I wasn’t pissed and did a belly flop at pretty fast speed but I hit really hard. I winded myself but got myself out easily. Afterwards I kicked myself for being so stupid, as my ribs now were killing me.

I watched as numerous people went on these swings and saw how dangerous they were. Especially for girls as many of them couldn’t even hold their own weight and just fell straight down, then winding themselves and start getting swept down the river.

The place is a death trap, so many pissed up people get up on these ropeswings and have a go, and like me fall badly. The bars are made so badly that I put money on one of them collapsing soon and there being a massive accident.

A friend of mine said that when he was there a girl fell awkwardly and broke her neck on the slide and died.

Funny how you don’t hear about this stuff anywhere.

Towards sunset we ended up at the mud pit bar where people have wrestling matches and tug-o-wars in the mud, its all very funny. One guy came up to me and started talking to me about mushroom shakes and where he could get one. I said something about him being an idiot and how they should be renamed idiot shakes.

Afterwards we got in a tuk tuk and they tried to charge us twice as much to gert back that it costs to get there.Really taking advantage of piss heads. We refused to pay it and refused to get out the tuk tuk and after about 30 minutes he gave in.When we got back he refused to give me the change he owed me, so I lent in the cab and stole his torch, I was so angry I was about to smash the torch off the floor, then I contemplated smashing it off the theiving twats face.But I calmed down and just threw it at him and walked off.

In the evening after a wash we chilled out in the bars in town and met allsorts of freaks and piss heads and smack heads who walk around and just annoy people there.

Im still not sure whether or not I liked it there but one full day was more than enough for me!

James1985 says:
i am still not completely sold on VV, but i had a good time....bruised ribs aside.haha
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
lovely_lori88 says:
VV is awesome! Yet oh so dangerous. Since I have been there I have heard about people dying and such. Really not the best idea all the swings mixed with the beer and lao lao. My friend Matt(matthew1982) did the same thing when he jumped off that ridiculosly high rope swing at the first bar and he could barely breathe after and had bruises for quite a while after. Still....so much fun! :)
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
cycleoregon says:
Is this the rainy season? Maybe some captions would be helpful. I hope to visit here in Dec.
Posted on: Jun 02, 2009
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Vang Vieng
photo by: razorriome