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The overnight train from Surat thani was brilliant, i was actually able to sleep pretty well, apart from a few knee jerk reactions to moments when I thought someone was leaning through the curtains and stealing stuff.

We had to got the subway to the Sukimvit area of Bangkok for accom and I couldn’t believe it when the security guards took our mozzi repellent on us as we weren’t allowed flammable liquids on the underground.What a fucking joke, not only was it full and expensive that annoyed me but the fact that we obviously look like terrorists is even more annoying.

After finding somewhere we wanted to stay and them telling us we would have to wait hours to get a room we just bit the bullet and headed to Khao san road.

We stayed just off Khao san and splashed out for some air con, a good investment in big cities I think, so you can escape the chaos and heat. Then we met Richard and Jack, two guys from japan that we crossed paths with and walked round Khao san for a while.

Then in the evening we met the guys for a few drinks before it was just me and Rich left. He told me some amusing stories about what they had got up to ie. Rich snogging a ladyboy on koh tao….classic. Then we went to another bar and Stacey had left me with no money, so I decided not to drink. But the people working there said I had to drink or leave, we then said we would share Richs beer but no. Then I complained that people were sharing buckets, but they said it wasn’t one drink.Bullshit fucking fascists.

On the way back to my hostel a local guy thought he had the right to the whole street in Khao san and tried to push me out his way instead of walking around me.

Funny seeing as I was twice the size of him and he moved himself trying to push me whilst I stayed still. It did however annoy me so much I helped him on his journey around me by pushing him onwards. Welcome to Bangkok.Welcome to Khao san road.Welcome to hell!!!


Today we tried to see a few of the sights Bangkok had to offer but all the places we wanted to go were actually closed for ages for prayers. So we told a tuk tuk driver we wanted to go to central plaza and if he took us to a couple of his mates shops on the way we could travel for free.

This worked brilliantly and all I had to do was pretend I was interested in a suit. When we got to the central plaza I was introduced to the amazing pizza company, unbelievable pizza, but very expensive.Then we went cinema and on the way out I saw a wanker we met in borneo.

He had a t-shirt on him saying “ Mr Jihad” thus cementing his reputation as a wanker.

In the evening we chilled out and watched some football.


We spent one extra day in Bangkok mainly so that I could watch the grand prix there, get some films put on my ipod and become “students”.

I managed the grand prix and the student thing but the arseholes at the film place were such fuck wits I decided I wouldn’t let them loose on my ipod, out of safety.Then we just got an early night in preparation for leaving the shithole that is Bangkok!

James1985 says:
it wasnt that bad true, but its not exactly great! Give me Chang mai anyday.
Posted on: Feb 08, 2010
tiffa says:
oh, BKK is not that bad!
Posted on: Feb 07, 2010
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