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Ahhhhhh Varanasi, what a city!

Having been kept awake all night on the train by our carriages resident snorer, we arrived in Varanasi at 5am pretty tired. We got in a rickshaw and he took us on a wild goose chase, to some real shitty hotels and others that were just run by some complete cunts. We found a nice one and then after agreeing on a price, he decided to change it. Twat!

So we went for a long walk, which was quite tough on me considering i was in agony from the medical examination i had the day before, we ended up hopping in another rickshaw and heading to Scindia ghat. Eventually we found some half decent accomodationa and went to sleep for a few hours.

After lunch we headed down to the ghats.

We were near the burning ghats and they were a very disturbing sight, I havent seen many dead bodies in my life but watching them be burnt is very weird. People kept saying ''no photos''. I was quite offended by this, as i would never dream of taking photos of that sort of thing, but obviously some tourists are twattish enough to do that. When i was buying a drink i was actually mullered in the back by something, when i turned round to my horror it was some guys carrying a dead body to the river and that was what hit me.

What i noticed walking round Varanasi, was what a shithole it was. It was soooooo dirty, even by India standards, you never know what you were standing in. After we had dinner we were caught right in the middle of some sort of gang war. As we were walking down an alleyway towards our guesthouse i spotted a group of guys walk towards us, i thought they were gonna mug us.

I got shoved from behing by Stacey and then it kicked off. Another group of guys had turned up behind us and they started fighting, literally with us in the middle, as we ran out of it i turned back and saw them hitting each other in the heads with bats and allsorts. What a lovely place.haha.

After that we got lost and had to go back the way we came, and back where the fight was it was still happening. One local informed me that the guys who got fucked over were locals gangsters trying to imtimidate the locals, until they pushed them too far and the locals fought back. Great story.

After all the commotion we got ourselves an early night in preparation for a 4am rise tomorrow.

We got up at 4am and headed towards the ghats to get a boat for a sunrise tour, luckily for us a guy picked us up as soon as we left the building and took us to his boat.

The boat trip was about 2 hours and really cool, we got to see all the pilgrims bathing in the river, which is ridiculously toxic, but they were loving it. It was quite an amazing place really and allsorts was going on. Well worth the early rise. The only downside was the boatman money grabbing at the end asking for tips, thus ruining the boat ride. We had intended to tip him, but when people ask for it they dont get it.

Later in the day we headed to the train station, and after an utterly chaotic hour we got there, on the way i was almost sure our rickshaw driver was about to get battered by the cops. And at 6pm we got on our night train to Agra.

sylviandavid says:
Sorry James... I was teasing you! If I had been smart and done titles on dates like you did I would have my Crete blog done.... Party on dude! Sylvia
Posted on: Oct 08, 2009
James1985 says:
i have all my entries backed up on my laptop but i cant get wifi in india. So im just updating locations for my family and will finish the blog when im home or when i get wifi.
Posted on: Oct 08, 2009
sylviandavid says:
I must say you are brief...
Posted on: Oct 07, 2009
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