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We woke up at around 6am so that we could get to the bus station for the 8 am bus to Hanoi.It left right on time which was a good sign but the fact that the curtains stank of piss and dried spunk did not.

The journey was relatively nice until we got to the Laos/Vietnam border, and Mike said the unthinkable. He said he would be happy spending the remainder of the journey on the bus.Jinx

At the Laos side of the border we had to wake up the border guards and wait while they showered and changed before stamping us all out.It was funny to watch the locals go mad and surge the counter, thinking that they would get somewhere quicker than the rest of us.Idiots!

The Vietnamese side was slightly better even offering abit of air con.

None of us had any problems except an american woman whose passport was kept for ages, funny seeing as her husband was Vietnamese.

On the other side things got worse. Someones briefcase fell off the top and landed on staceys arm pretty hard. Then the next 25km were down winding roads.A guy next to Stacey was throwing up in a bag the whole way down and then got off and left the bag on the bus. Filthy cunt!

Obviously what little air con we had went out the window and didn’t work anymore, then the something to do with the suspension snapped off on the drive on the way down the hill thus putting us later.

Then at 8pm we stopped for dinner, I went looking for a cold drink of coke and when walking into a restaurant the girls running it went crazy and running round and giggling.

Thus not being able to help me at all. Then there boyfriends came in and started grabbing me and shit so I fucked off sharply.

The final stint to Hanoi was pretty mental with the bus almost crashing a few times.And at 2am the bus stopped to unload wood in some shop.Another delay. But finally at 3am we got to Hanoi, and some guy called Pikachu took us to his hotel where we just crashed.Day over! Finally!


After getting some sleep that was interrupted with drilling and hammering in the building next to us,Stacey again forced me to get up at midday. Then I realised im pretty sure she hasn’t let me sleep past midday on the whole trip, bloody woman.

We went for lunch and it took us about 1 and a half hours to get served, when a local came in and got served straight away,Strange hey! I had been warned of these things in Vietnam.

Then we chilled out and watched a film before dinner and then went to a pub, a pretty uneventful day really, apart from the near suicidal attempts at trying to cross any road whatsoever in Hanoi!


In the morning we got up early and after being followed round the old quarter by some mental woman in Pyjamas we found our way to see a dead body. Not just any dead body but that of Uncle Ho himself.

It was pretty surreal to be honest seeing a dead body preserved for people to go and see as a tourist attraction. Ironic as the man wanted to be cremated and was kept this way against his will.

When we went into the room I held my hands behind my back thinking this was a pretty respectful gesture, obviously not as one of the guards slapped my hands down to the side.

Sad really.I have to say though that Madamm Tussauds probably has good business with the Vietnamese government these days.When we got our cameras back someone was kicking off because they had handed over their camera only for the people to break it and refuse compensation or anything.I waited patiently for a fight, but nothing!

After returning to the old quarter we did a small walking tour for an hour or so before escaping the heat and the persistant hawkers.

In the evening we went to see the excellent water puppet show.I was thoroughly entertained for a whole hour, this is impressive as im am pretty hard to impress. I highly recommend you see it when in Hanoi, afterwards we went for a few beers.


We didn’t do much today apart from book a tour for 2 days and 3 nights to Halong bay for the rather cheap sum of $40.

Bargain.I wonder how shit it will be.

Other than that we headed towards the lake before trying to buy a knock off bag.It was amusing really, you ask how much a bag is and the say a price, usually it’s a fucking joke and you laugh in their face. So I offered a low price and instead of the usual next price down, they just snapped at me and snatched the bag off me. Stacey said they were probably offended by the low price I offered. Well what about me, am I not offended they are trying to rip me off. Again a fucking joke!

In the evening we went to Bia Hoi junction and had a few glasses of beer for the record breaking price of 6p a glass! Vietnam rules!

James1985 says:
$85? shit. there were 6 of us at the time so we had bargaining power!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2009
lovely_lori88 says:
$40!!! Mine was $85! Ripped off lol. Ahh I miss Bia Hoi.
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
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