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Unfortunately we had to drag ourselves away from Pingyao and onto Beijing, but before we left we went and said goodbye to Sloppy the dog out the back of our hostel and went to our lift to the train station. Our free lift that was booked for us turned out to be full of an English/german family who actually booked onto it after us, but i didnt see them offer to get a taxi themselves. So we were forced to get one to the bus station and pay annoyingly.

After getting the bus to Taiyuan and hopping on our train we spoke to a chinese guy who amazingly was pretty open in slagging off the Party, but then i realised he was speaking in English so no-one on the train would of understood him.


In Beijing we had a nightmare finding the hostel from the west train station but eventually got there ad chilled out for the rest of the day.



At 4am we were awoken by the guy in the dorm from Pakistan who had his very own call to prayer and then prayed in the room for a while. I dont want to sound like a cunt who doesnt appreciate cultural differences but he clearly didnt. Not caring about the other 7 people in the dorm room. i should be happy with myself that i didnt tell him to shut the fuck up, like i usually do to people who make noise in dorms when im asleep.

Amazingly i managed to stay in bed until 11am and then after a cheap noodle lunch we headed to Tianamen square to look for the train ticketing office. We couldnt find it so went to the train station to buy tickets to Daqing in the north east.

We were suprised to find we could get a train that took only 9 hours and was quite cheap actually.

Afterwards we decided we would go back to Tianamen square tomorrow instead so headed  back to the hostel for some more overpriced food from the crap chef.



Today was annoying as the train tickets which we were told for a journey that lasted 9 hours turned out to be 21 hours, and we only had a hard seat so we werent really looking forward to that journey. After getting most of our money back and considering our options, we decided not to go up north and spend more time in Beijing instead, and take our time sightseeing.

So afterwards we headed back to Tianamen Square and walked around for a while before making our way into the Forbidden city. We managed to blag student rates, which is always a bonus, and then we headed in.

The only problem with travelling in China in a peak tourist season is the sheer amount of people in the places of interest. And the Forbidden city was no exception. After getting in we were swarmed in thousands of people. So we headed to the left hand side of the place and were lucky enough to be almost alone and away from all the crowds. It was actually quite peaceful.

So we strolled around the grounds for a couple of hours, and unfortunately werent alone for a while, we soon ended up with the rest of the thousands of tourists. At one point something happened with some pikey australian guy who shouted something at me for wearing a Quiksilver t-shirt but i just ignored the dick as i was pretty sure he was a sex tourist anyway.

Then we slowly walked back to the hostel through a few other districts and then ended up having an impromtu piss up with some french guys,who i was trying to teach how to speak with a manc accent. Very amusing.

I crawled into bed around 5 am :-(

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photo by: Deats