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It was our last day we could use our Kansia area rail pass so we decided to head to the ancient capital of Nara.The train journey there was really nice and its also when we discovered the moving seat backs.Brilliant.It means you could choose which way you face and if there is a group of four of you,just move the seat backs so you can all face each other.Very impressive,but simple,if only they had these in Britain.

Nara itself was a really nice tidy(obviously,its japan),quiet city.When we arrived tourist information pointed us in the right direction to the park.The park was a really nice place to walk around for the day visiting all the temples and shrines etc.But the best thing about it was the hundreds of deer that inhabited the park.They were cool to see at first but the more we saw the more we realized that they were basically vermin.Like rats or monkeys,we saw some attack people they knew had food.It was very funny though.

We spent a few hours walking round the park and the forest trails but the most impressive thing was Todaji temple,the worlds biggest wooden building,which supposedly is three times smaller than the one it had replaced.We were pretty stingy though and didn’t pay to go in. We were pretty tired of temples from the last week and decided to give it a miss.But it was very impressive from outside.

When we got back to Kyoto we decided to go to funoaka onsen again,but it would be the last time I would go there.On this trip anyway.



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photo by: yasuyo