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Got up early again to go to the excellent Borodobur Buddhist temple.It was quite fun getting the buses to the temple and as usual they tried to charge us more, but I was wise to it today and having none of it. As I knew the price it should be a just refused to pay the extra and they left us alone.

When we got there they dropped us off at a line of rickshaw drivers, I didn’t want to pay for a rickshaw to take me somewhere that was obviously close but the trouble is no-one will tell you which way to go as that means you wont give them any money to take you. So you have to trick them to tell you,I had to pretend to want one and then motion to get in and ask which way and how far.Then they told me and I fucked the ride off. Suckers……another 20p saved.

Such is life as a budget traveller.

We attempted to get in the local entrance and claim we were teachers of culture at the Surabaya school of economics( I made this place up) but they were having none of it.So we were escorted to the foreigner entrance and forced to part with US$12 each , gutted once again.On the plus side is you get given a warm bottle of drinking water, an amazing gift after you’ve been robbed blind. As we went to walk into the grounds a guide came to us and offered his services for 50,000RP(about 3 quid), I said for $12 I expected the guide to be thrown in for free. What annoys me is that they all just expect you to be a never ending source of money for them and although he was only doing his job I just didn’t give a fuck anymore and decided I would ignore anyone like that now.

The temple itself was an awesome piece of architecture and as we walked round the place we were besieged by locals who wanted to have their pictures taken with them.Poor old Stacey was in about 20 pictures, they just grabbed her and took pictures, sometimes not even asking.But we did feel like a minor celebrity for the day.

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photo by: moreno1968