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After a hellish night train to Agra where we were woken in he night by a policeman to sign something saying our luggage was safe, we arrived in Agra. Jumped in a rickshaw and went to a guesthouse, we ended up in probably the worst one we could of picked but i was too tired to care.

After sleeping for a few hours we went to the Taj nature trail, which was quite nice, but we were annoyed by some little shit kids who kept asking for money and chocolate, i had to unload a few small rocks in their direction to get them to fuck off. In the evening when we were eating dinner i saw something pretty strange in the distance, alot of commotion heading our way. I asked stacey what it was but she didnt know either. Finally when it got to where we were we got to see what it was, two kids ,about 5, were riding a bloody camel down the street.

Only in India would that sort of thing happen.

We got up early the next day at 6am to go an see the Taj Mahal, and was it worth it. What a magnificent building, and packed too. We spent a couple of hours there just walking round and chilling out admiring the views before heading back to the hotel to sleep some more. I can fully see why the Taj is regarded as the most beautiful buildings in the world.It was one of those places where you just want to sit down for hours and just relax, but eventually there would just be too many tourists there.

In the evening we watched sunset over the Taj from one of the rooftop restaraunts and it was pretty nice to be honest, although i was amazed to see how many people were in the grounds of the Taj, thousands. Alot less than when we were there.

When it came to leave Agra we had one small problem, a chair i was sat on in the hotel room had broken, just from me sitting in it. Im big but probably not big enough for chairs to be breaking under me. When we left the hotel owner wanted us to pay for it. I cant see why i should have to pay for an old shitty chair finally giving up. Another tiresome effort to get out of being ripped off again. Then we boarded our 26hr train to Mumbai.

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photo by: rotorhead85