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We got up at 7am to get the 8am bus to Hoi An, we booked the bus through the hotel and what made me laugh is they said we would be picked up from the hotel. But we didn’t, we were just walked to the bus station.

We got on an empty bus and thought we had a bonus of loads of room, but then the bust spent the next hour driving round Hue to pick up other passengers before finally leaving for Hoi An.

The trip was again through some stunning scenery, and we even stopped for lunch somewhere at 10am, stupid to stop at a weird time on a 4 hour bus journey. On the way we also saw the aftermath of a pretty nasty crash, involving a truck hitting a motorbike head on, luckily we saw no bodies.

But this was the third crash we had seen in Vietnam, and you only need to see their idiotic and retarded driving to see why the death toll on Vietnamese roads is so high. I would feel sorry for them, but they all drive in the same stupid way, and they all have a death wish.

We got to Hoi An and were dropped off at a hotel, if it weren’t for the fact our friends were staying there I never would of. I hate being dropped off at hotels but what annoyed me more was the way they grabbed my bag and took it into their hotel.

In the evening we went out for a great meal and a few beers, I certainly love Vietnam!


We had a relative sleep in today but it was hard with the twats who work in the hotel sat outside our door shouting at each other and playing ringtones on their phones non-stop.

So we got up and headed down through the beautiful old town to the market area by the river and had some nice lunch.

After lunch we went to a recommended tailors and had a look at things we wanted to get made. I went for a 3- piece suit, made with the best cashmere they had and lined with red silk and green piping and a tailored shirt for $150, and Stacey had a dress made for $20 which at home would of cost $200, and a coat for $50, which at home was more like $150. Such a bargain!

Then we chilled for a while before having dinner and then went for our first fittings of our cloths, they fitted perfectly, so we took them straight away happy with what we got. The only thing that was annoying was I was soooo fucking hot and had to try a suit on, I don’t think I had ever sweat to profusely. My forehead, armpits and back had turned into taps no showers of B.

O. Not a good time.

After we got the cloths back we headed down to the river for a few drinks with the lads and it got very very messy!


We got up pretty late and then headed down to the river front for some lunch, a really good spot for having lunch. Then on the way back we got caught in a horrible storm and were thoroughly soaked.

So we couldn’t really do much and just chilled for the rest of the day but research into China and India, the next phase of our trip which was coming ever closer.

After having a nice dinner we watched Andy Murray win Queens tennis and listened to all the idiots predicting that he would win Wimbledon. Hashanah.


We got up as late as we could as all we were doing was waiting round for the night bus to Nha trang. So we checked out at 11am and went for lunch.

Then we did the same as the day before, just relaxing by the pool and researching online.

The bonus was when we got on the bus realising there were only 10 people on it so we had 4 seats each and spread across them, but as always, I was unable to sleep at all. No surprise there!

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