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We left for Ayuthaya in the morning from the train station where they informed me that it was free for locals and foreigners had to pay…a lot! Yet another example of racism. Regardless of whether or not someone can afford it, something like that would never happen in Europe and its one of the things that annoys me the most about south east asia after being dropped off at travel agents.

After we found somewhere to stay we booked an early evening boat trip to a few sights.When the time came to go on the boat trip the heavens opened big time.It was easily the biggest rainstorm I had ever seen, but they kept saying that the trip would still be on.Then lightning started striking poles and stuff outside and they cancelled the trip, and said it would happen in the morning.

I said I didn’t want to go in the morning as I intended on a lie in. But amazingly they refused to give me a refund,fuckers. So after a few minutes of passive discussion on my part I ended up agreeing to go the following evening. Which I only booked the boat trip for that evening as it was perfect timing and would leave us with a full day to explore the sights.

It was nice to be somewhere that i could see some sights and just amble around without hundreds of drugged up or pissed up 18 year olds after the southern islands, and Khoa san. I heard that Kickboxer starring Van Damme was partly filmed here.

We headed out for dinner and saw that the entire surrounding area was flooded, and most of the hostels and bars were in a meter or so of water.Lucky we were on the second floor somewhere.


We headed to the historical park today which was pretty much everywhere,we walked to a few temples and ruins,some of which were quite impressive but nothing spectacular. I actually prefer ruins than temples because most temples are very similar but the ruins can be quiet interesting sometimes.

One thing that I did find funny was all round the city there were posters encouraging people to keep Ayuthaya clean.And in truth it is a pretty dirty place. What I found funny about this is that although they had a few posters up saying to do it, there were no bins to be seen anywhere. Waste your money on posters or bins??? The posters were also in English which baffled me as they could have been in thai also as you rarely see a tourist litter but always see locals littering. Something that frustrates me so much, look after where you live.

In the evening we went on the boat trip which was nice mainly because it was a beautiful evening and boat trips are nice at this time. Some of the temples were good and in one we saw an enormous Golden Buddha( bronze I think). But the highlight for me was the thousands of catfish you could feed. Brilliant fun. Simple minds are easily entertained!

nomaden says:
I wished I did Ayuthaya in 2009.. I am visiting this year and just imagine how dirty it could be if they still thought that the posters were working without the bins. :(
Posted on: Jan 19, 2013
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