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We got the earliest bus we could to Chang mai which took 6 hours, it was fine until the last 2 hours when the bus had 5 people across and the air con had seemingly failed.Awful.

When we arrived we got in contact with our couch surfing hosts and after an hour in a tuk tuk trying to find the place we arrived at our destination. A lush apartment with air con, cable and a swimming pool. This couch surfing malarky is great. All free aswell.

We chatted with our hosts Sammy and William for a few hours about travelling and then headed out for some excellent Pizza company and ice cream.


Today we intended to go to the tiger temple but we all became very lazy from the safety of air conditioning and we monged out for most of the day watching films.

In the evening we headed into central Chang Mai to meet Malcolm, who we had now met in 7 different places on our trip.haha. He told us where he was staying so we headed down there and he wasn’t in. So we waited in the bar and the owner, a lovely thai lady called Wan, started giving us free food and beer whilst we waited for him.

It turned out that Malcolm was shagging her but he was adamant the freebies were because she does it for people all the time. Crazy , a very un south east asian trait. We would be in Chang Mai for a while and wouldn’t be able to stay couch surfing the whole time, so we checked out a room. She said 100baht (2 quid) and we immediately agreed that we would go straight there after couch surfing.

It seemed to good to be true.


After talking about it for a few days we went to the Tiger Temple, where for a price you can actually go in cages with tigers and lions. Now usually I would stand there and gawp at the idiots falling for this tourist trap and death trap. But I couldn’t help myself and handed over the $15 US off I went.

We went in first with baby lions and they were cute but a little bit disease and they had sores all over there body which was pretty gross. They were asleep to most of the time and were pretty boring.

Then we went in with the big tigers and that was cool, we got some really good pictures and I got to actually lie on a fucking tiger. If im honest I was shitting it the whole time. Im not one to fuck with nature usually.


We did fuck all today apart from move from our couch surfing place to Wans place in the centre of Chang Mai, where we intend to stay for a while and recharge the batteries.

We spent a while walking round the moat of chang mai and died in the heat but it was nice to be walking long distances again,something we seemed to have given up in south east asia..


We spent today lounging around and reading but staying up to watch Man utd decimate arsenal. Whilst watching it i ended up next to one of the many sex tourists that frequent the bars of Chang mai. He got more and more fucked and started telling me he was going to get his cock out. All I could think of was why do I seem to attract these weirdos!


Waking up with a suitably mean hangover I got up as late as I could and rolled out of bed at midday.My hangovers are horrible in south east asia, but even worst in Thailand, I blame chang beer.

We strolled around for abit and I booked a Muay thai course and Stacey booked herself on a cooking course after not being able decide from 20 different cooking schools offering the same bloody thing.

Early night.


I had an early rise at 7am for my first day of Muay thai training, I was picked up by someone on a scooter and taken to the gym miles away.I really enjoyed it but it started to dawn on me how unfit I had become during this trip.To much curries and beer. But the trainers weren’t the brightest, making people kick bags for one hour in the horrendously hot sun is bad news.

After the two hours training I got back and lay down and felt my body start shutting down, what had I let myself in for.haha

In the afternoon we went to the cinema and watched Star Trek which was a great film.


Another early morning for more Muay thai, my aching body was already giving me a hard time but I was ready for the day.

Unfortunately for me I got the cunt trainer who had lost the night before and was hell bent on killing me.

Every time I did something wrong he would hit me, great, and the more I got hit the more I did something wrong. I hit the bag for over and hour and by the end my knuckles were all bleeding. Nasty

When I got back my body pretty much gave up on me for mistreating it so much and I was forced to lie down for a long long time.

In the evening Wan and her friends took us to Wat Chedi Luang for an interesting Buddhist ceremony which we tried to take part in but failed pretty badly in doing what we were supposed to do.


I was supposed to get up for training today but my body refused to let me get out of bed so I slept some more and hoped that my body would start functioning again. My muscle system was completely cramping up and all the skin was hanging off my knuckles, great fun.

Finally around the evening I said we could do something and Stacey took me to the Night Bazaar, which was shit and the same as every market( not to be confused with the excellent Sunday walking market).

We decided to have a few drinks and met two Chilean guys in our hostel, and after a while Wan decided to pile us all in a tuk tuk and took us too a night club for some lady boy show.Great stuff.

Not only did we get free entry but we got free drinks, Wan really was the best guesthouse owner going. The night club was funny as it was full of western men ( mainly old ones) trying there moves on young thai girls. Its enough to make you sick. I thought I saw Gary Glitter at one point. One guy got rinsed by some thai girl who realised she could get him to buy her and her friends drinks whist she pretended to be interested.

Knob head.

After laughing at the kiddy fiddlers we went to another club/bar called Spicy, this was a notable place because whilst I was pissing in a urinal a guy came up to me and saw I had a little stage fright and started massaging my shoulders.Not cool. I know it may be usual for them but not me and I tolf him to get his fucking hands off me. It was funny when on of the Chilean guys came in and the same thing happened.but his reaction was abit more welcoming.

DAY 10

Feeling slightly fragile again from the nights drinking and the error of mixing drinks I woke at 11. We went to a Mexican restaurant to meet Sammy and William for lunch.

They invited us back to their pool where we fucked about in the pool and perfected the new swim stroke that can only be called “The Dolphin”.

haha. Stacey managed to make a little girl cry by heading a football in her face aswell.

In the evening we were persuaded to have some more pizza company and then watch Jenson Button win another great grand prix.

DAY 11

* See entry the day Stacey almost died!

DAY 12

After the day before excitement we woke up and I had some serious neck pain that I sustained from the rescue attempt.It must have been a slight case of whiplash, so needless to say I wasn’t going to Muay thai.

It is funny however that Stacey was fine, it reminds of the time when my brother Daniel got into a fight.I had to get him out of it and got punched. I ended up with a haematoma on my skull and he was fine.I will not help people anymore.

We decided to chill out and catch up on blogs so we went to Starbucks and bought some drinks and asked for the password for wifi.

But the wankers in chang mai seem it right to charge people 3quid an hour for wifi.Somewhere that you get it free everywhere else in the world.

DAY 13

We would leave Chang mai tomorrow finally and we didn’t have much to do so we took sammy and William up on their offer of a movie and pizza.

After mucking around in the pool for a while we had our last pizza company

;-( and then said our goodbyes. And tomorrow we would finally be leaving Chang Mai.

tiffa says:
The tigers in Ayutthaya are all heavily drugged, that's why you can hang out with full grown cats who'd just as likely tear your face off as look at you...
Posted on: Feb 07, 2010
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cradle snatching grandads!
cradle snatching grandads!
Chiang Mai
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