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We arrived in Singapore after a great 7 hour flight from Tokyo and landed in Singapores excellent Changi airport.We got the excellent metro service to Aljunied or something like that and checked into our hostel.Which was called Axis hostel or Orchid hostel.Which I might add we were lucky to even get to after Stacey had booked it online and didn’t think to write down the name of the place.Stupid girl.haha.So we had to use the free internet in McDonalds.

When we had settled in the hostel and I had cut my hair completely off and had washed,we got ready to go out an explore the surrounding area.Before we headed out one of the girls we were sharing a dorm with was having a shower when the knob had come off and it was spraying water everywhere.

I tried to fix it but it had a broken washer, and you should try an explain to a single woman who runs an entire hostel on her own that she needs to get a new seal for her shower.

I don’t think she really understood and was going mad saying we had broken it.Which annoyed me because I was trying to fix it for her.Nutter.

When we finally got to look around the area wasn’t as nice as I had expected from somewhere like Singapore. I know we had just come from Japan,the safest place in the world,but apart from the horrendous stink of Durian the area seemed a little seedy.Shockingly it was,Stacey had booked us into the only hostel in Singapore in the red light district.This was rather funny though.


On our second day in Singapore we intended to go to the Indonesian embassy to arrange visas.We got the metro to orchard road and made our way to the embassy.We finally arrived and then I realized what utter tossers we had been.Indonesia was a muslim country and there we were,me in boardies flip flops and a vest and Stacey in a strapless dress.

There was no chance they were gonna even let us in.So we didn’t even bother trying to get in or anything.

We went back to Orchard road or grove and I needed some new flip flops and headphones for my ipod.My Flip flops were slowly ripping my feet to shit and I had to get something new.I managed to get some excellent Nike ones which were a joy.

After actually enjoying all the shopping malls, mainly because of the air con, we went back to the hostel and and relaxed for abit before heading to Little India.Just before we left for little India we got trapped inside by horrendous rain that didn’t stop for a few hours.

But we got to Little India and strolled around for a while before having an excellent curry before heading home.


After a night where some tossers came into the dorm and turned the lights on for about half an hour whilst getting their stuff sorted at around 3 am.They turned them off not long after I had said ‘Turn those fucking lights off you ignorant wankers’ but its not the point really is it.They could of got their stuff sorted outside the room before coming in.When they did get in bed they guy then proceeded to snore so loud I couldn’t sleep.I routed round for something to throw but couldn’t find anything so I just sat awake huffing to myself for a few hours.

We didn’t intend on staying in Singapore this long but due to the availability of buses we had to stay an extra day.

We decided to head to Sentosa beach with Dan,an English lad we met,and Brittany,some annoying French girl.When we got to Sentosa it seemed pretty good but the water was gross and the artificial sand was annoying.To be honest Sentosa was shit.

I took the opportunity to go off for a walk on my own for a little break and personal space but when I got back Stacey got annoyed because I was gone to long,fuck sake I was gone around an hour.

Stacey had somehow managed to get the funniest sunburn marks on her face from sunglasses and on her neck but we put this down to the malaria pills she was taking.

In the afternoon I had a very aggressive game of Monopoly with Dan and an Ozzie couple who probably ended up splitting up after the game.

The Ozzie guy annoyed me somewhat when he sat there with his stupid face,laughing a completely mong of a laugh and staying ‘You talk funny’.’ Im English you dickhead, not everyone has your stupid accent,and when I hear someone talk in a different way from me I don’t tend to laugh at them about it.Anyway its my language so fuck off’ haha.

When we were playing monopoly there was a power cut in the building which somehow managed to freak out a guy in one of the dorm rooms and he actually managed to lock himself in it.He started getting really panicky and was clearly scared.Althought that may have had something to do with me saying that we had called the fire brigade and hoped to get him out before the fire spread to him.hahaha.When we finally got him to fucking listen and calm down we told him to pass his key under the door so we could let him out.When we did he was so funny,walking round saying ‘OH MY GOD,OH MY GOD’ and then he actually checked out the hostel straight away.We couldn’t believe it.He said he didn’t want to go through that again.I just laughed,what an idiot.It was his fault he got locked in his own room and was too stupif to open the door from his side.It was an absolutely hilarious situation.

chaoticdrifter says:
lol about sentosa. i've been living here for almost 3 years and ive only been there thrice. haha!

i enjoyed reading your entries.
Posted on: May 30, 2010
herman_munster says:
The title deserves my smile :) LOL
Posted on: Sep 09, 2009
James1985 says:
Singapore actually wasnt that bad, just not much things to see unless you like shopping!
Posted on: Aug 24, 2009
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