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no prostitues!


Another early rise to get a bus to Bangkok, it was booked through a travel agency so I was quite wary, especially as I have yet to use a good one in south east asia.

The first part of the journey went fine and we got to the border at Poipet in around 3 hours, and we got through immigration in around an hour.

On the other side of immigration we had to wait in the sun for a half an hour being bugged by the street children, I don’t mind it but I wondered why our bus wasn’t waiting. The kids were ungrateful little shits, they were begging for food but when one girl was given a cookie she broke it up and threw it on the floor. Beggars cant be choosers is a choice saying from England when I saw this.

Then we were moved to a café to wait for the connecting bus to Bangkok, which apparently was on its way, but didn’t arrive for another 2 and a half hours. Another fucking joke in south east asia.

While waiting, there was a child there probably around 10 I think ,he was mentally challenged ( sorry if its not the current politically correct phrasing but I mean no offence by it) and didn’t speak, he did the odd bit of begging for food but wasn’t really to bothered as he was collecting everyones empty coke cans and looked pretty happy.

He had a cross drawn in marker on his forehead which I thought was pretty harsh whoever drew it on him. Then a thai guy had come along and was trying to show off in front of us and antagonise the child, this pissed me off and made we want to punch the guy, but it became apparent that some disabled are treated by the majority like shit here, as most people where pretty horrible to the child.

He went away for around 5 minutes then came back with more drawings on his face, then I got mad. Someone had drawn a huge dick on his face in marker pen. Now I know when I tell that to people it does sound funny, in british humour anyway. But it wasn’t, I got a wipe from our bag and cleaned him up then bought him some noodles. But I imagine whoever was doing it was gonna do the same the next day, I wondered where his mother was, or if he even had any parent. Suppose il never know.

When the bus finally came we got on and it took about 5 hours to get to Bangkok and we were dropped at khao san road, even when I asked to be dropped in sukhumvit. Shock.

So then we needed to get to the other side of the city effectively, I started asking some of the taxi drivers out of curiosity on prices, 600bht 900bht. I went there last time I was in Bangkok for 85 baht. When I told them this they said I was lying, they didn’t like my return comments they were conmen.

We walked for abit and found a nice tuk tuk driver and I gave him 150 bht to take us to sukhumvit and we checked into Suk 11 for 2 nights.


In the morning I left Stacey in the hotel and went and got the forms we needed to apply for our Indian visas, which the embassy was just down the road.

On the way back I couldn’t believe my eyes, I saw a woman who id seen begging on the way there, she had no legs. But I watched her crawl and get on a customised trike and drive off, begging must be a lucrative business in Bangkok.

We headed to the siam paragon after breakfast because I wanted to see the aquarium there, but at 850bht per person I gave it a miss because it was a little to pricey, id rather save my money for some dives at koh chang.

We treated ourselves to an excellent pizza and then headed back to the hostel to watch the Hangover, a funny as fuck film set in las vegas at a stag night/ bachelor party. But I couldn’t help think a Bangkok edition would have been soooooo much funnier.

In the evening we spent some time exploring the backstreets of the cool little Arabia!

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no prostitues!
no prostitues!
photo by: Deats