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We got the 9 am minibus back to Chang Mai and the journey was just as shit as on the way there ,but I was unbelievably able to sleep on a journey for what must have been the first time on the trip so the trip flew by.

When we got back to Chang Mai we thought we would treat ourselves to some nice accomodation for one night. But the prices they were asking were ridiculous and even after some haggling they weren’t moving.Funny really seeing as most of the hotels a bloody empty and closing down.You would think that they would be grateful for the business.

So we just fucked it off and went back to stay with Wan for 2 pounds a night, a good choice in the end.We missed it a lot over the last three days.

I rented a scooter and we headed to Sammy and Williams for some swimming and mucking around.Then we headed to the excellent Sunday walking market which takes up nearly all of central Chang mai and we bought some stuff.. I actually got the flags of all the countrys ive been too so far. Sad I know!


The scooter we rented came in handy today because we ran about town and got a few things done. I booked tickets to Mae Sai on the border with Myanmar at the bus station. Then we exchanged some books and sent some souvenirs home.

After having lunch and booking a tour we went to the cinema and watch Angels and Demons.

Whilst we were having dinner a random guy came to me and Stacey and asked us if we would be extras in a film, I was abit wary at first but the guy was Canadian so we said we would.

And they would pay us.


See film shoot post


Another early rise so we could go on a tour we booked just so we could say we had actually seen and done things whilst we were in Chang Mai.

The tour started with some Elephant riding which was quite enjoyable but very uncomfortable as the seat I was on almost fell off.And one of the Mahoots was trying to sell us magic mushrooms he found. There was a really cute baby elephant there too.

After the elephant ride we went to a shit touristy Karen hill tribe village which must of just been there just for tourists.One guy was trying to sell me tiger claws.After the village we went to a waterfall which was nice but naturally after recent events , Stacey wasn’t allowed anywhere near it.

Then we left the waterfall and did a little ‘trek’ to another hill tribe village which was much the same as the previous village meaning it was shit.

After a good lunch when a south Korean girl found an enormous leech sucking on her foot which was funny, we headed for some bamboo rafting.The bamboo rafting was great fun, but I did feel sorry for the swiss guy who was made to help someone steer the raft through the water whilst we just sat there.

In the evening on what would be our final day in Chang Mai , we just sat in the bar and had a few drinks with an nice american guy called Justin and chilled out.

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes