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I was woken up at 4 am by that stupid twat snoring again but I managed to get a toilet roll and throw it at him to disturb him.As you probably know im not very good when people make noise in dorms.I used to be in the navy and if you made noise in those dorms you got punched.Clearly I wasn’t going to do that to anyone but all I ask is that people go to sleep on there sides.

We got on our bus to Melacca and arrived there at around 1pm,when we arrived we drove straight into a political rally of some sort.Great I thought,what was the one thing I had promised myself to avoid on this trip.Political rallys was this.Oh well I thought its all interesting stuff.Luckily we passed without trouble.

We found our hostel and met the larger than life manager Howard who was a legend in his own right.

I managed to get a discount out of him which was a bonus.He is such a good manager in the fact that he introduces all the people staying there with each other.I think this is a great thing for people alone and maybe somewhat afraid to meet other people.

This is when I met a strange Australian man,your average westerner on the search for ladyboys.He was telling me not to go down this dark lane at night because he got mugged there the night before.All I could think was what an fucking idiot he was for strolling down back alleys at night anyway.Then he started going on about the Al-queda and how to spot them.He told me that any muslim with a beard was Al-queda.I could not believe what this man was saying to me.Never have I met such a clueless person in my entire life.What a complete an utter dickhead!

In the evening we headed into Chinatown and grabbed some good nosh and had a look round the market which was really lively seeing as it was still Chinese new year.

Seeing as we were just rushing up Malaysia to Penang to get the ferry to Sumatra we only stayed in Melacca for half a day but I hope to go back.Just to see Howard again.People like him deserve all the success they can get.

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