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Today we ended up in Bali but we had only intended on going to Jakarta but when we arrived there we jumped on a plane to Denpasar in Bali.

I knew a mate Iain was on Bali so I rang him to see where he was and we headed to Kuta to meet him.It was rather weird going to Bali after two weeks in Sumatra.We couldn’t believe all the pizza huts,KFC etc.It was a slight bit of culture shock.

Kuta was an interesting place,it was like Magaluf for the Australians,which isn’t a good thing.I was amazed how many pikey Australians where there two.Shocking really.But then if you go to Magaluf it’s the same with English.

I finally got to have a proper shit in Kuta which cheered me massively.I was a refreshed man!But I may add that it was still slightly runny!

DAY 2,3,4 and 5

The next few days in Kuta we chilled out on the beach, got haircuts, bought some new cloths,avoided punching the hawkers, had a few drinks, enjoyed more shits on western toilets etc.

A few things that annoyed me whilst in Kuta….

-Pikey Australians(I didn’t realise there were so many rednecks there)

-Hawkers,I nearly punched them on a few times,annoy me all you want but don’t fucking touch.

-I don’t want drugs or a taxi and I wont change my mind two feet further up the road

-Massage,Massage fucking massage.

-Not to mention the arsehole british guy who was telling me about the blowjob he got from the massage girls.Great but im here with my girlfriend so now your crowd you fucking perve.

-Japanese tourists making a joke out of the bomb memorial,fair enough take pictures of it but at least look abit solemn,don’t prance around in front of it making peace signs.Idiots!

But that was about it really and when it came to leaving we were more than ready to go.It was a nice little break but we were ready to get some more travelling done.

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photo by: eddie8498