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Annoyingly we couldn’t get a minibus to the perhentians any earlier than 10.30 from the cameron highlands.I like to get up early and leave when moving between places.

So we got in the minibus and headed to Kuala Besut, the jumping off point to the islands.We arrived at the ferry in time for the last ferry and got to the islands around 5pm. We looked everywhere for some accomodation and finally found some in a place called Bintang chalets, which were impeccably clean.A rarity in South east asia.

We had dinner on the beach and then headed back to our accomodation where I was able to have banana cake and custard…..fucking custard! I was in a dreamland! Afterwards we recruited Andre ,a guy we met there, and had another game of monopoly,which I duely won.

Still unbeaten!


On our second day I intended on having a lie in but because Stacey was up I had to get up.She is a fucking pain in the ass when this happens, as she cant go and do something on her own, she has to wake me up when she can see im comfortable. Women!

We headed to the beach and were going to relax and sunbathe but the weather was overcast,so I went for a swim in the near swimming pool clear water. It really was a beautiful place here.

I had a look at some of the dive companies to see who we would dive with in the morning and found spice divers to be pretty professional.Then in the evening we had another game of monopoly and I won again thanks to the reds! My winning streak continued!


This morning we went on a fun dive to the temple of the sea of Kecil island, which is just a big pinnacle just poking out of the water.

We had also rented a camera as we wanted some pictures of diving to take home with us.The trouble with the camera was that it was positively buoyant and being a begginer diver still I struggled with my buoyancy on the whole dive.

The diving itself was rather good and we saw a blue spotted ray, bamboo sharks, cuttlefish, 1 turtle and a cool Boxfish which was a great spot. The problem with the dive was the current, it was horrendous and like I said being a beginner still was quite hard to control myself and we were just barrelled around the pinnacle.I ran out of air first and had to ascend, as we were near the surface we were engulfed with white foam and were completely disorientated, im pretty sure we had almost been hit by a boat. Wankers.

When we got out I felt like shit, and we had planned on doing another dive in the afternoon but I cancelled it as I felt like crap and had a banging headache and didn’t want to dive feeling like that.

So after the dive we relaxed on the beach and had a game of bat and ball before saying goodbye to Andre.


We could of spent more time on the Perhentians but were ready to leave Malaysia and head to Thailand.So we spent our last day relaxing and sunbathing on the beautiful island.

I went on a little mission trying to find Monitor Lizards that I had kept seeing on the island to take pictures of them but I couldn’t find any, then on the way back the biggest one ive ever seen ran out in front of me less than a metre away.I froze with fear then kicked myself for not getting my camera ready.

We spent the evening chilling out and I had another excellent banana cake and custard! Beautiful!

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Perhentian Kecil
photo by: orcio81