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Another early start for our bus journey to the Cameron highlands, which I wasn’t to happy about when I woke up.

The journey there was quite uncomfortable as on the way up the mountains, as it there were so many twists and turns and I felt like I was on the Italian job and at one minute the arse end would go off the edge. When we got there I was fairly relieved to get off the bus as I felt like shit.

The best thing about getting off the bus was the climate, for the first time since I had been in south east asia I wasn’t sweating, I was in a dreamland, never before I left on this trip would I be praising the cold weather, well not cold but cool.Stacey was even forced to put on trousers.

After settling in a fairly decent place we decided that seeing as we were from devon we should make the most of the cream teas that were so readily available at this place.

The ironic thing is that I would never have a cream tea at home.

Later in the evening we went for some tandoori chicken which was excellent as there was a substantial community of Indians and Tamils in the highlands, one of the tamils asked me if I was british and then went mad at me telling me to kick Sri lanka out of the commonwealth and speak to my foreign minister and stop the civil war there. Im not sure how stupid he was as I was just one random backpacker.


The next day we went on a tour of the Cameron highlands seeing as we would only spend one day there.

Firstly we went to the rose garden which was a rather nice garden with some strange disney type statues, we actually had to pay to get in here which I found rather annoying because it wasn’t really worth it.

Then we went to a strawberry farm where we bought some strawberries, they were nice but nowhere near as nice as the ones I had tried in Croatia( where I vowed never to have strawberries again so as not to taint the memory, wish I had stuck to it).

Afterwards we went to a butterfly farm and I got to hold a scorpion, I tried to pretend I was really hard holding it until it moved and I screamed like a little girl, lost face BIG time. We also got to hold some other cool bugs but they would let us wrestle with the snakes they had there unfortunately.

Then we headed to tea plantations and a tea factory and tried some local tea which was rather nice, and then we went to a Bee farm, where im pretty sure I didn’t see one bee. Then to top it off we hit a temple and a market before returning to our accomodation.

In the evening we had some more tandoori chicken and then had a few games of scrabble with the lads we had met on the tour in the day.

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Cameron Highlands
photo by: forevert2