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We had a very early rise in order to catch a bus Miri, when we got to the station they told us there was a bus behind me leaving at 6.45am I looked around at all the clocks and asked them why it was leaving 30 minutes late as the time was 7.15am.They just laughed. I never thought id be happy that a bus was running late.It was a good omen.

The bus wasn’t great and on the way there was a huge downpour and somehow although im not sure how , the floor of the bus started spitting at us.Yes you heard right, water was somehow being spat up between the cracks in the floor, very amusing.

We finally got to Miri around 3pm and headed to find some accomodation which we found at a place called Highlands which should come with a warning not to go to if allergic to cats as the place was riddled with them.

This was where we met Malcolm and Glynn, two English blokes that I at first thought were gay, which Malcolm wont be happy about but it came across like that at first. Glynn would go on to provide hours of comedy to me unfortunately at his own expense. Never had I met a guy who in his forties I think would have to ring his mum up and ask her if he was allowed to stay in asia for longer. He even went on to ask me what the women were like in Bali and whether or not it was easy to get blow jobs. I immediately told him there was another british guy I met there who would be more than happy to tell him.Idiots!


On our first full day in Miri we managed to get some local random called Kong to drive us Niah caves national park to visit some really really impressive caves.

The drive there was very uncomfortable as me and Stacey had to share one seat but at least we saved around 2 quid.haha.

The walks from the park entrance to the caves themselves and back were 9km in total and was along boardwalks in primary rainforest where we got to see lots bugs and reptiles and the through the caves.

The caves themselves were very very impressive, much better than kents cavern I must say.But the only problem we faced was although we had good boots on and a torch we were constantly almost falling over because of the guano(bat shit) that was making us slide all over the place.

The walk itself wasn’t very hard but the humidity really did take its toll on us and by the end we were all dripping with sweat.

Driving back was just as uncomfortable as the drive there but it seemed a lot shorter.

When we were back we went to a supermarket and I was looking around when I was stopped in my tracks and was forced to shout “oh my god”. The whole shop stopped and I just stood there staring, for on the wall ahead of me stood around 10 jars of Marmite, I could hardly contain myself, I immediately bought it an partook in some marmite fingers there and then.


After a really enjoyable day at Niah caves national park we decided to head to Lambir hills national park with that weird local Kong again.He was very strange but I have to admit I did like his prices.

We got to the park around 9.30am and went off to explore the place.We walked past loads of waterfalls and up and down some very steep and arduos paths.The heat had become a real ball breaker on this walk.

We managed to see some monkeys and I made a good find when I found a bearder dragon on the floor of a path.

It was so cool when it flicked out his weird neck thing.

Our friend Brian who was with us was unfortunate enough to get stung by something he claimed was a wasp.It was pretty unfortunate but I have to admit, when you hear any man scream like a girl its always funny regardless of the situation.

We walked for a few hours and by now we were being besieged with leeches but luckily the boots managed to keep them safely away from my feet.We came to a cross path and saw a shorcut back to the main entrance and headed that way as we were completely fucked from the humidity again.

When we got back we decided to head to the public swimming pool,we paid and went in and as we were about to jump in the lifeguard told us that we weren’t allowed in as we were wearing shorts and we had to wear speedos.

I said we didn’t have any but he said we would have to rent them. I don’t fucking think so somehow. So we decided to leave and as we were leaving I saw a local get out the pool in fucking trousers, what a joke.Yet again rules for one and not another.


Today we just lounged about all day and uploaded pretty much all our photos we had taken so far and went to the cinema again and watched a shit thai film.

In the evening we went to watch a band in the bar below our hostel which was full of sourfaced teenagers and one woman who can only be described as Tina Turner on acid.They were fucking hilarious and well worth the money spent on drinks.

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photo by: forevert2