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We got up early at 7 am and hailed a pick up to take us to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry to Koh Phangan. We got to the ferry point and had to pay a stupid amount of money to get to the island and waited for the ferry to come.

Whilst waiting for the ferry a guy came up to us and showed us pictures of his place on Koh phangan, in fairness it looked pretty good. Loads to do and see there. We wanted to go somewhere abit quieter for a few days and it was quite cheap with free pick up. So we thought we might give it a try, but then there was a catch. We had to pay him now, that’s weird I thought. Then I became really suspicious. Then he asked me if we still wanted to go and me being a savvy traveller said ‘Yeah sure,here is 350 baht” all the whole time my brain was telling me not to go through with it.

When it came to get on the ferry there was a catch, we had to get on a coach for a hour to another ferry point to then get on a ferry back to the mainland. What a stupid and fucked up way of organising things. Why not have an office in town and pick up people from there. But these idiots aren’t that clever.

When we got to the island we got picked up and taken to the resort, which turned out to be a complete shithole, and not where they had told us it was. When we complained to the owner he just said “ I don’t care, he just works for me,its not my fault he lied to you” again a close call to me punching someone. The owner by the way was one of the typical western peodophiles that frequent this amazing nation. He turned out to be an absolute cunt and I was so annoyed with the way we had been treated I was honestly thinking of ways I could sabotage his whole place.

That’s how annoyed I was.

I calmed down and we got speaking to another bunch of people who were abit miffed about the whole situation.They were a bunch of rich kids who provided me with lots of humour at their own expense. They were very well travelled but amazingly uninformed of things. It was a case of you had to be their. Don’t get me wrong they were nice people and I liked them, but after the 6th or 7th reference to mummy and daddy from a 23 year old I couldn’t help but get slightly irritated.


I somehow managed to restrain myself from punching the dick running the place the night before and I managed to again today after he was a bastard again.The trouble was we had to rely on his lift to get away from his shithole so I had to comply with what he said.

I wish him the best of luck in the future with his business and if hes lucky he will fall off a cliff or die of some horrible disease where he is dies a slow an painful death.Twat.

So we headed to a nice place we found on Had Yao beach and stayed there although it cost abit more,it was right on the beach pretty much.And it was run by a nice thai family.

We spent the day relaxing on the beach and swimming, and in the evening we watched easily the most spectactular sunset I have ever seen,the entire sky had literally turned orange.

We had a few beers in a bar on the beach and I ended up having to look after some german womans kid for ages, it was funny really. I mean I hate kids apart from my neices,you know they are like farts….you love your own, but I didn’t mind this kid.

She bugged me for a while before walking towards the edge of the decking.I jumped up and moved her away and then her mother said it was time for her to take her back off me,haha. As she picked her child up from the relative safety of my watch she tripped, baby in hand and smacked the floor, baby underneath her. The baby was fine and the mother had hurt her knee, then I pulled out the wit and said “ clearly the child is safer with me’ haha.


The next day I was nursing a slight hangover from the numerous bottles of chang the night before we just spent the day sunbathing again and swimming. I was pretty ill all day so I had to go back and sleep for a while.

In the evening it was funny because I had so much chlorine in my eyes from a pool I went in I couldn’t actually see anything but blurry lights and had to rely on Stacey of all people( shes basically blind) to guide me round.

When we went to bed there was a power cut and it was a fucking disaster, our fan had stopped and our room became a sauna,this was awful, we ended up having to sit outside for a few hours until power was restored.Thank fuck!


We left Had Yao beach in search of some life and where better to go than Had Rin beach, home of the world famous Full moon party! But I was annoyed on the way there because ot the stupid taxi mafia thing they have on the island and it cost us 10 quid to get there, 10 fucking quid, daylight robbery. I was getting more an more annoyed with this bloody island.

When we got to the beach I left Stacey in a café and went to look for some cheap accomodation. I bumped into a girl I met in Indonesia who recommended me somewhere for a 250bht, as cheap as you will get I think.

It turned out to be great, run by a legendary Norwegian bloke and his thai bride. It also included free wifi, a rarity!

We went to watch the grand prix in one of the bars when a guy I went to school with walked in called Luke, small world hey, we arranged to meet up later on for a few drinks or in his words….. To get on it!

We sat on the beach for a few hours drinking beer, pina coladas and buckets, we watched everton knock out man utd from the FA cup, not surprisingly seeing the united team.And I challenged some Swedish girls to name 5 top bands from Sweden.I told them for every 5 they named I would name 20 better british bands. They started……Abba, ok il give them that one, then they thought abit and said some more………The cardigans. Shut the fuck up, this is a stupid exercise, if your second choice is the cardigans then we are wasting our time.


After the game we got up and that’s when the drink hit me, I felt fine up until Stacey took me into 7/11. The aircon had hit me and it hit me hard. All of a sudden I was a fucking disgrace, I could hardly talk let alone move. I managed to stagger a way before collapsing on a step and moaning like a whore. I physically could not get up, the world was spinning and I was its axis.I couldn’t focus on anything.I told Stacey to go and leave me, I would sleep it off in this step and see her back at the hut.

Luckily an Israeli guy came along an saved the day, he asked if Stacey was ok and then pretty much picked me up and carried me home.Even after I had subjected him to some abuse, then I stopped and was apoligising and nearly crying.We finally got back at the hut and staceys bright idea of feeding me to sober me up backfired.

Whatever she gave me had not digested at all and I started throwing it up.The problem being that my throat couldn’t expand to a size big enough for the shit coming out of it and I had goffed constantly for about 5 minutes.But on the plus side I felt much better.


Obviously the next day I was in a rather fragile state and I had no intention of doing anything, it took me until midday to even think about getting out of bed,I could feel my head just throbbing.

I finally managed to pluck up the courage to get out of bed and although I was hanging out my arse it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. Maybe being sick helped a lot.

We headed to the strip where I had a fry up to try and remedy the hangover and if im honest it helper a hell of a lot.

I was feeling better but had no intention of doing anything at all so I just sat in a bar watching films for the rest of the day.


Feeling better today we headed to the beach for a while where its pretty easy to oggle some topless women and not being able to do much about it, so Stacey couldn’t get annoyed with me.haha.

It was weird though, I went for a swim and did some more sunbathing but I got bored, strange as I love beaches and all that goes with it.I left Stacey on her own and went for a sleep.

I had decided that I was fed up with the dickheads of Koh Phangan and infact down the south. I wanted to head north.

When Stacey returned we headed out for dinner, when we were relaxing in a bar a funny thing happened.There was another power cut.

So the guy who worked in the bar started up the generator, this was funny because he didn’t shut the breaker to the grid and this meant the generator tried to power the whole island.

This resulted in lots of thias all of a sudden started running round with water and screaming, the was a fire. An electrical fire at that and they cleverly threw water over it.This destroyed the generator, and the whole town had helped. But the funny thing was the whole time this happened we and two English lads had been left in the bar and no-one thought to evacuate us or get out. Idiots.

Then the owner turned up and he was raging, and a complete arsehole, and british.He moaned about the guy who did it but really it was his whole staffs fault,they all attributed to it.

They guy got sacked in front of everyone, a scapegoat really. If they trained their staff better then maybe this may not of happened.

We left and got some dinner later on somewhere else!


I was now fed up with beaches and Koh Phangan and the attitude of most people down there. I needed some history or sights or something.So we decided to leave tomorrow.

We bummed around all day and then without thinking to pack for our 5 am rise the next day I headed to watch a film, then Stacey turned up and we went to see the guys we met the night before at a pool party.

The beers flowed and we were pissed and had to try and drag ourselves from a pretty good party,shame really and slightly typical. So we staggered home but the beer helped us sleep and drown out the sound of the constant rave music!

tiffa says:
Ko phagnan is definitely overrated. The full moon party was my least favortie of all the nights I spent on that island.
Posted on: Feb 07, 2010
James1985 says:
i know for a fact i wuda hated full moon party, it was basd enough without the 15000 people there, it could only of got worse. And if someone came up to me spraying glow paint on me id of punched them.haha
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
lovely_lori88 says:
HAHA I laughed soooo hard when reading this entry! "I mean I hate kids apart from my neices,you know they are like farts….you love your own, but I didn’t mind this kid." Classic. Sorry to hear you didn't like KP, you should have been there for a FMP. Friggen awesome!!!!!!!!! :)
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
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Koh Phangan
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