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So after another annoying overnight bus journey where I got all of fuck all sleep again thanks to the strange locals we arrived in my favourite place in the world, Medan. And It was still the same shithole I remembered from a few days before.haha. it’s a shame the tsunami didn’t hit here( all deaths aside,its just a fuckin shithole).

We got to the bus station and waited for a bus to Bukit lawang, but we were bugged by some local arsehole who was trying to charge us 5 times the price for the tickets and started waving a plastic sword at me.Cock. We could see the price on the board and they still insisted it was more. Yet more dishonesty from the locals.

On the bus to Bukit lawang you try and get a spare seat to yourself but every other stop you get bugged by some “guide” who wants to take you on a trek.

Not really the place to be doing it if you ask me.

When we got to Bukit Lawang we checked into the eco-lodge and crashed for a few hours before heading out for dinner and then watching an awesome thunderstorm.


We immediately moved from our 12 quid a night eco lodge and moved to the 1.80p Nora nora homestay,which was much more friendly too the wallet.

We spent most of the morning reading and relaxing in the hammocks before deciding on going for a walk into the local village.We walked for a while and eventually made our way to the river crossing that takes you to the orang utan feeding platform.

It was here that we saw the most disgraceful thing so far in our trip,on the other side of the river there was an Orang utan that was just sitting on the side playing with twigs etc.

And then some Indonesians went up to it and started mocking it,pushing it ,throwing water on it and basically just intimidating it.At one point it even lashed out at them.Shame it didn’t rip their fucking arms off.

I don’t think they were locals but they were on a school trip or something to the town.But what I couldn’t believe was that in this town of all towns in the world you can see this sort of attitude to these amazing creatures.Had I been on the other side of the river I would of probably punched the guys doing it. Luckily the orang utan stole the phone of one of them and hopefully he smashed it to bits.Tossers!

I had to leave as I was fuming with what I had just seen,a mere 50 yards from the rehabilitation centre, so we decided to go tubing, I doubt it rivals vang vieng in Laos but it was good fun for a while that is.

Stacey did her best job at tryign to kill or seriously injure herself three times.

-The first time she crashed into a very dangerous tree sticking out the water.

-The second time she tried to stand up in rapids which could of broken her ankle but it was funny to watch.

-And the third and final time she managed to head down a way that said Danger,do not enter etc.I watched this from a distance and saw all the locals run up and look over a rock.That’s when I thought my girlfriend was dead,but luckily some local pulled her out of the whirl pool.

So we soon put an end to that and headed back to the guesthouse and relaxed some more before going out for dinner.


Today we went trekking through Gunung leuser national park in search of semi wild and wild orang utans.

We had originally planned on going with one guide who tried to charge us 500,000 for three hours.This is a lot of money for Sumatra standards so we refused and he gave us another guide who was great and we only paid 300,000.A much better price.

Our guide Bobby was great and he had a sidekick he referred to as “The Bodyguard” whos job was to hunt down the orang utans ahead of us.We only spent three hours trekking but we were up and down steep hill/cliffs and saw some Long tailed Macaques,Thomas leaf monkeys, Army ants. And then we saw 2 semi wild orang utans which was amazing.

Then we carried on some more and saw two other semi wild females and we were taking pictures of them when the guides went silent and told us to be still.Then we saw the trees in the distance rustling violently,that’s when we saw the huge male coming through the trees.

The first actual wild orang utan we saw.I couldn’t believe how close we got to him.It was funny to watch the guides shit himself abit.But I couldn’t help but think it was all part of the show as such.

So we got to see 5 orang utans in all which was awesome, we even passed another couple who were on a full day trek and hadn’t seen any orang utans so we were quietly pleased.

Later in the afternoon we got caught in easily the biggest rainstorm I have ever seen in my life,it was unbelievable.the place was flooding within minutes.Not a good sign when you are staying in a place famous for having a flash flood and killing most of the village.The rain went on for hours so we just waited it out.


We originally intended on actually visiting the feeding platform for the semi wild orang utans but after seeing them in the wild the day before we decided it would be a waste of time and decided to save our money

Stacey wasn’t feeling very well but that was because she tried a burger the night before but you can hardly call it a burger.

I wouldn’t of eaten it anyway.haha.So we chilled out again and went swimming in the afternoon.

Later in the evening we got to watch another amazing thunderstorm in the distance and I had a few beers in the guesthouse.

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Bukit Lawang
photo by: vidalibre