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Our “bus” came to pick us up and it turned out to be two motorbikes who were to take us somewhere for the bus, I refused to get on them because I had a huge backpack and another small bag with all my valuebles too, which would of made it nearly impossible to hang on. The other reason was there was no way I was riding with a Vietnamese person on a bike as they all drive like utter twats. So I told them to get a car, then they said they wouldn’t and would leave me here and id miss my bus. That fucked me off more ignorance to deal with, but I just paid for a taxi to take me there. Arseholes.

The 7 hour bus journey turned into a 9 hour one but I didn’t mind as I enjoyed watching the chaotic traffic again.

We got to Saigon around 6pm and found a half decent room at an average hotel, but we had to change rooms because of the noise and there was no hot water.

We crashed to bed early that night.


We got up early so we could make our way to the Chinese embassy and apply for visas as we would be flying to china in a month. It turned out to be a good place to get them as it was $30 for 3 month multi entry visa.

After applying for the visas we went to a mall and had some pizza then watched the excellent Terminator 4.

In the evening we went to get drunk with some beer and wine we bought but it turned out to be so disgusting I was almost sick every time I had a sip.


Today we headed to the War remnants museum which was particularly heart wrenching at times, especially seeing pictures of murdered women and children. Innocent victims in a stupid war. A great museum though, one of the best Ive been too.

Even if it was abit to over the top with its american bashing. A different side to the story I hadn’t seen.

Then we headed to the re-unification palace and just admired it from outside and didn’t bother paying to go in. Stingy I know.

In the evening we went to Le pub for the pub quiz and came second, great result as the quiz was nails. I got pretty drunk in the process too.


We didn’t get up until midday and not even leave the hotel until 1pm, we had planned on going to the zoo but it was raining so we gave it a miss.

For lunch we went to a Mcdonalds rip off and watched the insane and anarchic traffic at the intersection and still to this day im amazed I didn’t see anyone crash into each other there.

Because of the weather being so bad we headed to the cinema again, it was really cheap, and watched night at the museum 2.

And for dinner we had an excellent Indian at Akbar Alis.


We got up fairly early today and headed for Damsem waterpark, and enormous place with sooooo many slides, zip lines, pools etc.

It was pretty expensive but great fun, the zip line was especially fun watching the locals fuck themselves up on it, and then having a go and doing my best to fuck myself up. A much safer alternative to Vang Vieng though, I came away unscathed mainly but a slightly red back. Everyone knows you hold on to the zip line until it stops and throws you off violently, it was great fun. Although Stacey hurt her back quite badly but was fine in the end.


Another early rise again so we could collect our china visas, which luckily we had got an then we headed to the zoo.

The zoo wasn’t to bad and it cost 50p to get in, bargain. There were some cool animals there and it was the asian horror show some zoos can be in this part of the world. It was set in a nice park too and all the cages were pretty spaced out.

Afterwards we headed to the cinema again and watched the awesome transformers 2, but I had to basically shout at the ignorant Vietnamese who feel the need to shout at each other for no reason. Twats.

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