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We had to get up mega early for our long bus journey to Shimla, it was a shame to be leaving Manali but it was time to move on. The bus journey wasnt great, i had people kicking the back of my seat the whole time and an old guy throwing up just behind me the whole way. The roads to Shimla were very windy though so it wasnt at all suprising.

When we arrived in Shimla we expected the hotel prices to be alot, but when we got off the bus we took one of the touts up on an offer and went to his hotel as it was cheaper than we expected. Him and his mate walked us to the hotel. It was about 30minutes non-stop uphill. I had three bags to carry and was struggling like fuck,haha. The tout left us half way and his mate took us the rest of the way, and when we got to Scandal point he decided to help me with my bags.

He took the light half empty souvenir bag i had, how thankful.

At the hotel we checked in the got to our rooms, and the guy who walked us up there started saying something to me in Urdu, i laughed saying i couldnt understand. Somehow he made out that he was a porter and needed paying. I laughed aloud thinking he was joking.  Why on earth would i pay you i said, you waited until we were at the flattest part of the walk and then took my light bag, never telling me you were a porter. What cheek. I had to spend the next ten minutes telling him to fuck off, and i think the hotel owners paid him. Regardless of him carrying my small bag for 5 minutes, he had some cheek.  Bounding around sums ike 400rupees for it. You can always rely on India to throw these things at you.

We went for a walk in the evening to get some dinner, we were pleasantly suprised at how British Shimla felt, it had a high street and everything.

It was very peculiar, but quite welcome if we are honest. To our suprise we found a dominoes pizza and wasted no time at all treating ourselves to that, very welcome after three weeks of sloppy currys.

We had a mega sleep that night and didnt wake up until past midday, quite rare for India, as there is usual something going on outside to wake you up at 6ish. What woke us up was a troupe of monkeys running over the roof of our room, i had no idea what is was until i opened the door and they basically tried to storm our room.haha. These were Shimlas famous monkeys that terrorised the town.

That day we just took it easy and after some lunch we just bimbled around the bazaars, i really liked Shimla, maybe it was because i was missing home abit, and it also reminded me of Babbacombe near where i live aswell.

And it had no cars to nearly kill you, or any rubbish at all. Unheard of in India.

We went in search of some tickets for the toy train to Kalka and when we got to the bottom of the hill i saw the kashmiri porter from the day before, he was with his mates and i honestly thought i was gonna get my head kicked in. Maybe he realised he was being a cheeky twat the day before.

On our second day in Shimla we had failed to get tickets for the toy train, so we had another lie in, well until those fucking monkeys started breakdancing on the roof again. Luckily at lunch we found somewhere with amazing samosas, i LOVE samosas. Then we headed for the viceroys lodge, which was basically where they ran India from in the summer.

On the way there we walked through some really colourful markets and were as usual beseiged by beggars! That night when i was doing some press ups i felt a pain in my groin area and had to stop, i was trying to get fit after all the booze from China and i had almost done a month without a drop, pretty good for me.

The next day we got a ''Deluxe bus'' overnight to Rishikesh, it was infact an pretty horrendous local bus, but in truth not as bad as all the horror stories you hear.

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