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We had an early ferry to catch today from Penang to Medan which was meant to leave at 9 but left at 10.30am.The ferry journey was nice though and I managed to see some dolphins which is always a bonus.

When we got to Medan or Belawan port should I say we teamed up with three finnish people,Tiia,Jaako and Jenna,a dutch family,Ruud,Maryker,Sem and Cas, and an English couple ,Will and Kerry.We got a minibus to take us all the way to Lake Toba so that we didn’t have to hang around in Medan.

That is when all the action started to happen,we had to go into Medan to change buses.On the way there we stopped at an atm to get some money and were bugged by kids begging.

Im pretty bad because I think kids with clean cloths and arent malnourished are not the ones that should be begging.So I told one child to fuck off.I kept to my motto’ Don’t give to those who ask’

Then we arrived in Medan and it was as I called it at the time ‘the arsehole of the universe’ what a disgusting city.I couldn’t wait to leave. We saw husbands with helmets on driving scooters with entire familys on the back helmet free. I couldn’t believe it.

In Medan we had to change bus but that’s when we got taken to a bus depot/Slum.The atmosphere was very on edge an if im honest I didn’t feel safe at all.The 8 year old child revving a fucking motorbike at my feet didn’t help matters.And when it came to pay for the trip all the locals started peering over your shoulder into our wallets which was very unsettling.

Finally the journey started and we were lucky to have a budding Michael Schumacher for a driver and he droves at break neck speeds,mainly on the wrong side of the road and taking blind corners and bumps at every occasion.He very nearly on one occasion killed us all.He missed an oncoming lorry by mere inches.Luckily I was listening to Iron maiden on my ipod,which may I say is perfect music for this sort of trip where the driver has a death wish.

We managed to stop somewhere to have dinner together which was in a really nice Islamic restaurant.Unfortunately and obviously we couldn’t get a beer there to calm our nerves.

Finally we arrived in Parapat at midnight and checked into a nice hotel so we could have a good wash and a nice sit down poo.

Not one of the squat variety.On that note I will say this about squat toliets,people say they are easier and cleaner.Well I cant shit whilst squatting for a start so im fucked if there is no other choice.And I refuse to wash my arse with my fucking hand,explain to me how clean that is.It’s the most disgusting thing I can imagine.Sorry asia but sort it out for fuck sake.Ive also walked past cubicals in public toilets with western toilets and seen locals stood on the seat squatting.This frustrates me greatly and I wonder if these people are so stupid that they can look at a picture in front of them and realise its all pretty easy for them.Struth!


The next day we got to see what Lake Toba looked like in the day time and it was absolutely stunning. We got the ferry to Tuk Tuk on Pulau Samosir which is the island on the lake and we found accomodation at a beautiful spot right on the lake at a place called Samosir cottages.

It was easily the best accomodation we had so far.I even got to have a bath with hot water.This place was the closest thing I have ever been to real paradise.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing,swimming and reading.I was reading Watership down and was thoroughly hooked.

Whilst I was walking round the guesthouse I spoke to a few of the guys who worked there.I mentioned to them how nice and relaxing it was there and all of them said I would like it more if I had a bag of weed and that they would get me some.Clearly they didn’t no who they where talking to.I turned down the offer,but me and Jaako had been promised some snakes blood so we were looking forward to that.Apparently they cut the head off the snake and then you drink the blood as quick as you can and get a rush of adrenaline from it.

We never actually got to try snakes blood but I did start having doubts because knowing Indonesians they would have got the rarest snake imaginable and used that.

In the evening we went for dinner with the Finns and Matt,a nice american lad we met,were I got to start sampling the excellent Rendang curry.Afterwards we got pissed with Will,Kerry and some of their friends.


We spent today relaxing again by the lake and sunbathing but I was getting rather burnt due to two reasons,the malaria tablets and the fact that we were quite high up.I soon fucked off the malaria tablets.But luckily the tablets we have can be used to help cure malaria,so just in case.haha.Anyway the best thing you can do is to use repellent and prevent yourself from being bitten.

We had a good surprise when they dutch family we had traveled to the lake with turned up after spending one day longer on the main land.


We went with Becky and Lydia,two English girls we met, on a trip round the island.I didn’t want to pay half of the price the driver was asking as it was very steep so Becky and Lydia just took what I was willing to pay and let us come.Sounds stingy but its not the first time its worked for me.haha

We saw some of the rather modest sights the island had to offer but I got to have a dip in the hot springs which everyone said was like boiling water and to hot.Bullshit,it wasn’t that bad.

We also went to some stone chairs where they used to execute people and eat them and after a very explanation from a guide he then ruined it by asking for a tip and for us not to put it in the tip box.Wanker.Then I was looking at souvenirs and he was saying prices of stuff and asking me to haggle.

I had to tell him that I would haggle if and when I wanted something.

One thing that did annoy me is that we walked past some tomb or something and they told us to put a donation in.Fuck off,I am not putting a donation for something I merely walked past.Then somewhere else a guy tried to make us pay for going in a museum we didn’t even go in,another wanker.I think our driver told him to bugger off though.

In the evening there was some Batak dancing in the hotel which I reluctantly took part in and if im honest it was shit,so boring I almost fell asleep.But the guy next to me kept me entertained because he was tripping on drugs and was freaking out slightly.


Today we literally did nothing all day,just lounged around watching films and reading etc.A good thing to do whilst traveling.

I watch Step brothers a new Will Ferrel film and it was hilarious.


Anoyingly there wasn’t an atm on the island so I literally spent the best part of a day heading to the mainland to get some money just to pay the bill.This fucked me off greatly because I don’t like wasting days doing shit like that.

In the evening we went to a really nice bar where we sat and watched an awesome sunset and I had yet more curry.But this was the hottest curry I ever tasted,and Stacey had sweet and sour chicken which was laced with chillies.This made no sense to me as its meant to be sweet and sour.The stupid bitch who cooked it was just laughing at us too.We had to go elsewhere and get some ice cream to soothe our throats.

sisiyou says:
There's local saying that if one can drive well in Medan, he/she'll hev no problem to drive elsewhere in the whole world, maybe even Schumi can't win frm those hell drivers,akhahaha..
Posted on: Aug 26, 2009
James1985 says:
well i am very cynical!So its very relevant!
Posted on: May 25, 2009
Deats says:
haha, nice blog. It funny reading about other peoples problems and thoughts, especially when they are the same as mine. Your blog title of been a cynical twat is spot on! keep up the good work :)
Posted on: May 25, 2009
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View from our room!
View from our room!
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minibus jorney from hell
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