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Some cunt rang our room at 5 am for a wake up call which we didn’t ask for or need, dicks. When I went downstairs and said about it I asked for an apology for the fuck up but as always the are incapable of admitting they were wrong. Idiots!

The day before we had witnessed the hotel owner extort two French girls by changing the price of the room when they checked out then refusing to give them their passports, had he done this to me I would of probably punched him.

And when I went to pay he tried to rip me off on his exchange rate, he was converting the price from dollars into dong and something wasn’t right. The exchange was about $1- 17,800 dong. But I didn’t mind paying 18,000 dong for it, but he kept on typing in 18,400 into his calculator, I said I want paying that and he would refuse, dick.

Then I stood there and said “ you don’t have my passport, so you cant rip me off”. So I just gave him right money and said take it or leave it. Wanker.

We got the 8 am bus to Cambodia and the bus driver wanted us to pay him $24 for the visas and he would put them through, saying they would be quicker, I challenged the price but he insisted it was $24. Nice try. I think my words were “fuck off” already annoyed with the mornings commotion. We let him stamp us out but said we would get our own visas which then cost us $20, some idiots actually fell for it. Later on I would be annoyed when I had seen they had written a letter on the back of my passport when they stamped me out, maybe not a big deal but its my fucking passport. Fuckers.

In Phnom penh we headed for a hotel for the night but it wasn’t great, we headed to the lakeside to meet out mate Brian and liked it up there so decided to move there tomorrow.

We had a few beers with brian and caught up then headed back.


We checked out and headed to the lakeside and got a cheaper room in a cooler place with a good backpacker vibe to it, great place to meet people.

Then we hired a tuk tuk to take us to the killing fields and S21 museum.

The museum used to be a school, then when they Khmer rouge took over they turned it into a prison where they tortured anyone with an education basically who they viewed as enemies. Sometimes people were took there just because they lived in the city. It was a harrowing place, some of the rooms have a bed and a picture of the person who was in there. More often than not the picture would be of that person after they had been tortured to fuck. A must see sight to try an understand more about Cambodia and its history.

Afterwards we went to the Killing fields which stands a monument full of skulls of the victims who were taken there and executed. A horrendous thought really. Pol Pot was abit of a cunt.

In the evening we watched the final of Wimbledon and we were hassled by the local kids selling books, but they turned out to be great kids who spoke perfect English, scary really, I only speak English.

DAYS 3,4,5,6 and 7

We spent these days waiting to apply for our Thailand visas and pretty much going out of my mind just waiting. We had to be in phnom penh 5 days more than I planned. SOOO annoying but these things happen.

On the plus side there was an amazing Indian there that did all you can eat for $2, I duely ate there every night much to staceys dismay. Infact she hated it, I used the excuse I was getting my stomach ready for India!

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Phnom Penh
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