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After being kept up all night in my dorm room by Brian doing what I can only imagine must have been wanking I was pretty tired when I came to getting up early.

We got a lift with Michael and Anna, a crazy polish couple who were hitchhiking and camping everywhere, to the ferry port, in order to get connecting ferries to Kota Kinabalu.

Our first ferry to the island of Labuan was cool as we got bumped to a very modest first class.Whilst on Labuan we made the most of the islands duty free status and bought some whisky,so we could drink tonight over a game of monopoly.Labuan was funny as it was full of pissed Bruneians due to the fact they cant drink in their country.

Very funny.

On the second ferry to Kota Kinabalu we met Malcolm and Glynn again which seems like we are going to keep bumping into them on the trip, as we keep heading in the same direction as them.

When we were trying to find a room we realised that Sabah was going to be more expensive than Sarawak,which we thought was expensive.So we shared a family room with Michael and Anna, then in the evening I gave everyone a thoroughly good pasting at monopoly over a nice bottle of whisky.


The great thing about our second day was that we were going to be couch surfing again.We couldn’t meet our host Kuniaki until the evening so we left our bags at the hostel and headed out.

Whislt walking through the town some tramp started shouting at me for some unknown reason and I just ignored him as I don’t understand Malaysian, I walked on and then felt something hit my back.

I turned around and it was his shoe. If this happened to me in England I would of punched the twat but seeing as he was some crazy tramp I just walked on.Avoiding trouble once again.

Stacey was a mess this morning because she isn’t used to drinking whisky and for most of the morning she was a pain in the ass.I found this really annoying but soon thought of the amount of times she has had to deal with a hungover james, quite a few really.

We didn’t know what to do so we went to the Aquarium and marine museum at the university. The aquarium itself wasn’t amazing by any means but the stroll/trek there through the university campus was nice. We met loads of students who were really willing to help us find the place and one of them pretty much walked with us all the way.

At 6.30pm we met Kuniaki and with Anna and Michael who he also offered to host,we headed to his place where we got an awesome air con room with lush comfortable bed.

All free of course.

We went to the cool food court right next to his place and then spoke about travel for a while.I was astonished to learn Kuniaki had been to 93 countries,I have a long way to go. After a while I went and had a dip in the pool his compound had then crashed for a mammoth sleep.


After a mammoth sleep of around 12hours I managed to pry myself out of the first really nice bed I have had in months.

We planned on going to the local waterpark today but couldn’t be arsed so just used the pool again and watched a couple of films.

In the evening we went to the excellent night market where Kuniaki met us and we had a great fillipino bbq, albeit in rather sweltering conditions.

We had originally intended on climbing/walking up Mount kinabalu from here but after exploring all possible outcomes we would have been able to do it at the cheapest for 80quid each. For a slightly strenuous walk,in my opinion not worth it, especially as you don’t technically summit the mountain. We decided to wait for the himalyas instead.

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