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We decided to leave Bali today as it was all a little bit to comfortable for us so we decided to head to the town of Probbolingo where we could use as jumping off point for Mount Bromo.

So we got up early and headed to Denpasar bus terminal where the problems began. We got out of our bemo and what annoys me is how the touts try and manhandle you to get you on their buses.Wankers.

I didn’t mention where I was going so I went to the kiosks and had a look around for buses to Probbolingo,I found one bus that was going there and I asked when it was going and they said 11am,it was 9.30 so we went for it.

The tout told me the price was the same as Surabaya and I literally told him to fuck off as Surabaya was another 3 hours away. And he actually let me choose how much I would pay,so it obviously was still a good deal for him as he excepted it straight away.

Then we got on the bus at 11am and waited for it to leave,and we waited.I kept asking when it was leaving and the people at first said it was leaving in 5 minutes,this went on for an hour.Then when I got annoyed the people all of a sudden couldn’t speak English.I should of known better that the bus wouldn’t leave until it was full but what annoys me is that they lied.If they said it wouldn’t leave until it was full it wouldn’t bother me as much.

And we always try and get somewhere before its dark but you cant arrange that in Indonesia because its full of lying cunts!

When we finally left the journey was good enough and we even got a free dinner at a bus stop,which consisted of a mouth watering plate of rice and spinach.Whilst we were at the stop I got talking to the driver who was being really nice.He asked me what we were going to do in Probbolingo and I said we planned on going to Mount Bromo. FIRST MISTAKE.

When we got to Probbolingo instead of being dropped off at the bus station the wankers dropped me at a friends travel agents.I hate it when this happens because I don’t like using travel agents anyway because its nearly always cheaper to do it yourself.So I got off the bus and they got our bags and put them in their office.

I didn’t like it at all,it was late at night and it was the first time in Indonesia that when I actually wanted a taxi,tuk tuk, bemo, rickshaw etc I couldn’t find one. 30 minutes I waited their looking for one with no luck.So we didn’t have much choice but to wait until their friend was coming to see us.I was even stood in a shop and some random passed me their mobile phone and some guy on the other end was just saying ‘Bromo,Bromo,Bromo’ to which I replied ‘Fuck off’.

Finally a guy came and took us to a hotel I wanted to go to and he started asking if we wanted too go to Bromo in the morning(in around 4 hours to be precise).He told me a English guy had already booked with him. On paper the deal he offered us was a good one.


-We would leave for Bromo at 2.

30am for the sunrise

-He would pay the park fees

-And get our onward train tickets to Yogyakarta in business class

And at 250,000 each I didn’t think this was that bad a price,and even though my brain was telling me not to do it I agreed and paid him a deposit.Doing all this was the SECOND MISTAKE.

At 2.30am the next morning after a rather pathetic wake up call we got up and met Rob the other English guy who was going to Bromo too. We got in the car and headed to some slums where the driver honked and some child ran out wrapped in a blanket came out and got in the car.

We continued to Bromo for a couple of hours and got out and we had to follow this child through bushes and up overgrown paths in the rain and the pitch black.

This was when I thought we were going to be killed,haha, the whole set up was not quite right. But we made it to Bromo view point and got to see sunrise over the crater and saw around us about 6 volcanoes and Bromo which had smoke bellowing out.An awesome sight and in my eyes a must see in Indonesia.

Then we headed down the lip of the crater and we asked to be driven to to the bottom of the volcanoe so we could climb it.The driver said he couldn’t but we saw cars down there.This is when we realised that the money for the park entrance fees hadn’t been paid.I got annoyed.

So we had to climb,we slide down the side of the crater to the plateau and walk across it and up the volcanoe to see inside.We only had two hours before we had to leave so we were cutting it fine. But we got half way and decided to ride horses to the top,which we haggled for 50,000 RP there and back.

The horse ride was fucking hilarious,we were cantering for most of it and im sure it takes weeks to learn that at a horse training school but not in Indonesia.Rob had some sort of mental horse which basically galloped to the top of the volcanoe and rob was pretty scared a few times.

Then we got to the steps leading to the volcanoes edge and it turned out the horsemen were charging 50,000RP each way.Cunts, more people trying to rip me off.I gave them half and walked off before getting annoyed. We struggled up the volcanoe but when we got to the top it was worth it.The smell of sulphur was very strong, but as with every tourist place in Indonesia. There was rubbish everywhere.There was actually rubbish in the fucking volcanoe I just thought what the fuck is wrong with this country where one of your prized assets is treated like that.

Clean the fucking place up for crying out loud, its not like they don’t make any money from tourism for the place.

We hung around at the top a while wathcing Rob try to get an egg to fry but to no avail, and then we headed back to the car.Slightly annoyed with the driver and set up.Knowing we had been slightly ripped off.Luckily I hadn’t paid yet so I had decided to take some money off.

When we got back to the hotel we had to wait for them to take us to the train station,but they were leaving it later and later and later.I was getting really annoyed now and I told the driver to take me there or I would leave and they would get nothing. They kept asking for the money but I said not until I got the tickets for the train.

Then they took us and we got to the train station and the ring leader,toby or tosser what ever he called himself was there with our tickets.

Finally I thought, then I looked at the tickets…….EKONOMI.The following conversation ensued….

Me-”You told me that the tickets would be in business class?”

Twat-”Oh sorry no business left”

Me-”Then I will go first class”

Twat-”Oh sorry no first class”

Me-”And when were you going to tell me this, you’re trying to rip me off, first with the park entrance fees and now with the train tickets”

Twat- “No mister I am not”

Me-”Look mate, ive caught you fucking red handed, im not paying what we agreed”

Then we argued abit, him trying to talk his way out of it and calling Stacey mister a lot until she walked off. I said I would give him some money and he could take it or leave it.Then the conversation went up a level.

Me-” Listen I am not paying you for something you failed to fulfill your promise on,simple as that.I will pay you some but not the full amount.”

Twat-”Look mister , we don’t look for trouble with you people but if you want trouble then we will give you trouble”

Me-”You little cunt, who the fuck do you think you are threatening me’

Then my arm slowly raised and my fist clenched and I was about to hit him. But I thought twice,I looked over his shoulder and saw his friends gathering, so I gave him some money and told him to fuck off. And that was the last we saw of the little prick and I hope he gets hit by a fucking train.

So we headed to the platform and were about to get on when we realised the whole train was “EKONOMI” so he knew full well that he wasn’t going to get us the tickets he promised.We couldn’t of got on the train even if we tried it was so busy.

We fucked the train off and walked through the station and I was going to punch the prick if he was still there but he had some brains and had fucked off.So we cut our losses and jumped on a train to Surabaya,where I hoped to meet some nicer people.

w0rldtraveller0 says:
great blog. most blogs are usually mellow with mention of good things only in indonesia. yours clearly highlights both the good and bad. i've been to indo many times. great place to visit but the thing that puts me off are the f***** cheats there. They are a bunch of w****** and theres so many of them out there who are only after your money. shame about this given that it was the western world who helped them first when tsumanis and earthquakes happen. they dont learn and never will do. Simple truth - dont trust anyone when you go to indonesia. If you do you're a mug!!!!!
Posted on: Jul 17, 2010
James1985 says:
i think alot of it was me being naive but never the less. i dont appreciate being threatened when finding out someone is conning me. great place though
Posted on: Jul 12, 2010
vivien_huang says:
yeah, as an Indonesian, I also regret their attitude.
maybe another time, you better plan your trip well, and I recommend to use a trusted local travel agent for Mt.Bromo sunrise tour, and also for the train tickets.
I guarantee you will get a pleasant journey! (:
Posted on: Jul 12, 2010
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