If you ask me its bloody racist!

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Today we had an early rise to change accommodation to somewhere a lot cheaper and with free internet and free breakfast.Bonus. But sadly no pool.

Then we headed to the impressive hindu temples of Prambanam , unfortunately they had been damaged by a recent earthquake and were mostly covered in scaffolding.But they made a nice place to stroll around even if it was scorching.

Another down point was the foreigner price we had to pay. US$11 to get in but locals only have to pay US$1.This as far as im concerned is a fucking disgrace and what more racist. Everyone will have their arguments for this saying that we should pay more because we can afford to etc but I think its complete bullshit. I could understand the local price being less if these were Islamic places as all the locals are muslim but this place was hindu so they don’t need to go there.

When I said to the woman it was racist charging us 1000% more just because we were foreign she just because she smiled and said “Im sure you have the money though” what a fucking bitch.When I get home I am going to get a job in tourism and if I ever meet any Indonesians il charge them 10 times more and just explain in a nice way that its how things work in England now. Bastards. Id be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this so please comment!

I just want to clarify that I don’t hate Indonesians as although I have only met a handful of nice ones, they are enough to restore your faith in people. But when you travel you tend to only deal with the arseholes in the tourism business, and with the exception of a few, they are all dickheads!

James1985 says:
bad maths again, sorry!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
Deats says:
Its not 100%more, its 1100% more - i think? Right? 100% would just be double, this is x11!
Posted on: Feb 22, 2010
James1985 says:
i couldnt agree more, but its not just indonesia that does it. Most of south east asia has these prices, except for malaysia and singapore. Its a great shame really because the more i think about it the more i love Indonesia. Its such a beautiful place, it wipes the floor with many other countries in the region. And there are still areas where you can have some real adventure. However, the touts need to back off abit. After all i nearly punched one.haha.

For me Sumatra is head and shoulders above bali and java for beauty and people. I felt genuinly welcome in sumatra whereas not so much in the other islands, only cared about money, but sumatra(obv they want my money) but they were nice about it.
Posted on: Aug 26, 2009
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