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We woke up early in Ayuthaya so that we could get to Sukhothai as early as possible and chill out for the rest of the day.

So we headed to the bus station and hopped on a bus that took us around 6 hours to Sukhothai, but the journey was rather nice so no complaints.

When we finally arriver we checked into a really cheap guesthouse and relaxed for the rest of the day, just reading and sleeping. The heat of asia has the affect of making you very sleepy at all times of the day. Especially around 12-4.

In the evening we went to a nearby café run by a guy who obviously thought he was in the Vietnam war due to all the tacky memorabilia from shit films all over the wall.

On the plus side the food was shit!


After a slight lie in we headed to Sukhothai historical park around 10am by pick up which I was forced to stand there and watch myself get charged twice what the locals do.Yay!

The even better news was that when we arrived at the sight and after renting bikes we realised that the parks entrance fees had gone up 400% since the lousy planet we had with had said.Oh know im wrong the had only just cottoned on the charging tourists shitloads more.Brilliant stuff.

So we just paid to enter the central part of the park and cycled round for a while before heading into a few of the ruins to look around. Compared to Ayutthaya ( who also have the racist pricing system) Sukhothai is much better as the money they extort from you clearly goes to keeping the grounds clean etc.

The grounds themselves were beautiful and immaculately clean. A rare thing in south east asia.

We spent most of the time following a small group of monks around which was great as it made for some great photos by some of the ruins. I always find the young monks rather funny because there is always one that seems like he is up to some mischief like one today.

Near a pond there was one of those people who keeps animals and fish caged and cramped up, and you pay them to release them for good luck.. Good luck my arse as I know the birds are trained to fly back and they can just catch the fish again from the small pond you release them into. Anyone who falls for this is a fucking idiot. Its extremely good luck for the idiot managing to con people into falling for it.

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photo by: DragonFlies