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We got up extremely early in Dehli and walked to the train station for our 7am train to Amritsar. I was amazed to find that the train station wasn’t actually that busy.

I was however sickened when I saw a woman on the platform opposite us stand up and walk to the edge of the platform and pull up her sari and squat. I said to Stacey “ shes not going to do what I think she is?” and Stacey said she was. Then the woman started pissing in front of the entire platform of people, then walked off and went to sleep. Very funny!

The train to Amritsar was nice and passed through some very samey countryside, but I do love train travel to be honest. Especially when its not cramped.

At 1pm we arrived in Amritsar and got an auto rickshaw to a hotel we wanted to stay in. After checking in we went for some lunch, but could only find vegetarian restaraunts, which to my surprise had amazing food.

Just before sunset we went to the Golden Temple and just sat by the pool surrounding it admiring the stunning piece of architecture. The good thing about the temple is that although it is the very centre of the Sikh religion they welcome everyone with open arms. And there is no snobbyness at all that I have found from other religions.

We stayed there for a couple of hours before heading back to the hotel and getting an early night.


We got up late and went for lunch then I tried to find out what was going on with my money which still hadn’t been returned to my account and I had pretty much all but given up.

So we bummed around Amritsars bazaars for a while before heading to the share taxi point at 3.30pm for a trip to Attari for the border closing ceremony between India and Pakistan.

I had seen footage of it before on TV but that couldn’t really prepare you for what we saw. When we got there we were taken to the VIP section with the rest of the foreigners which I didn’t want to do. I wanted to be with the masses of Indian supporters for their border guards. Its like going to a football match and going in the family stand when you could just aswell go in the terraces.

The stadium of terraces surrounded the road leading to the border and the Indian people were having a great time. Women were dancing on the road, men were waving flags and screaming “ Hindustan” and EVERYONE had a huge grin on their face.

I looked to the Pakistan side and felt sorry for them as they had about 50 supporters to Indias thousands.

It really was like being at a football match, the fans were screaming for the Indian guards to get mad and then the ceremony started and the guards from both side did some of the most ridiculous body movements you have ever scene. It was all so aggressive but controlled. The guards im sure are friends from both sides but they don’t show it.

I couldn’t help but wish we had a similar thing for England and Scotland.

Back in Amritsar I headed to the Golden Temple on my own to see it at night, and it was just as majestic as it was in the daytime. A truly awesome building.

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photo by: frankcanfly