Founded by the Germans,who named it San Diego, which of course is german for a whales vagina!

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Our first full day of our trip involved travel, great! We had already decided not to stay in Los Angeles for any longer than we needed to, everyone we knew had basically told us not to hang around there and from first impressions it was a bit of a shit hole. So we needed to get to the greyhound bus station which involved a few bus changes. But the good side of that is that we got to see the freak show that is LA(no offense intended, but come on).On one bus a woman got on and straight away said "get your shit off the floor" with regards to my backpack which I had no room to put anywhere else. How nice,im sorry you had to exert slightly more effort to move those tree trunks legs of yours.

Well i actually am retired navy


Oh yeah I also forgot,why didnt anyone tell me before I went to California that Spanish is the first language.had I known this I would of tried to learn some before going.I woke up in the travel lodge and thought I was on a package holiday in Spain. When we were trying to find out which bus to get to the tramline I went into a wendy�s and asked a guy working there,in my clearest,purest, correct English I possibly could where to go.He looked at me like I had come into his house on Christmas day and pissed on his kids.I couldnt believe it.Am I in an English speaking country or what.I mean for fuck sake. Then he looked at his friends, then proceeded to laugh and say no.I can appreciate he didnt no where the bus was but his whole attitude stank.

What if I wanted to buy a burger or something.Mind you by the looks of it he had already eaten all of them.

We finally got to San Diego in the early evening and contacted our couch surfing host Bobbie,who was a fantastic woman,and made our way to her place.

After settling in at Bobbies beautiful house we headed down to the local Albertsons supermarket to buy a weeks supply of food.And this is where I discovered why America is the fattest country in the world.I saw a bucket of ice cream,not a large tub,but a fucking bucket.And im sorry as cool as that is,there is so much wrong with it.It wasnt even a bucket really,more like a troff,the sort of thing you would feed a pig out of.

But in truth it would be great to be able to get ones that size in England.But that would fill our entire freezer.


The second day we got up early and headed to downtown San Diego and got caught up in a huge parade which was for Martin Luther Kings birthday.And what a parade.Not like the crap british ones where I spent the majority of my childhood throwing coins at the beauty queens heads with great pleasure(I can assure you we were all at it in England).It was huge,we stood in the same spot for 45 minutes and didnt see an end to it.Americans certainly know how to throw a party.

Afterwards we headed to the old town of San Diego.Whilst on the bus on the way there an omish family got on.As soon as they had sat down a young guy on the bus started shouting things at them,being very aggressive well basically being a complete twat.

He clearly knew they wouldnt do anything back but I was close to getting up and clouting him and telling him he needed to learn some bloody manners,which I would of done in England but I wasnt in England.I was in America and they have guns and shit so I just kept my mouth shut.And also imagine the scene,an annoyed Englishman getting up slapping someone and then shouting learn some bloody manners,the americans would have had a field day with this,English people dont do angry very well.

The old town itself was a letdown really,but I expected it to be like a European old town,an old part of town where people live and work still etc.But it wasnt it was just a museum really.A collection of buildings made into very tacky shops etc.It was a nice place to walk around but nothing fantastic.

For one minute I actually thought they may have some weird sex cult going on there with their strange costumes.I watched a ranger of some sort go in to each of the shops was seemingly successful in chatting up all the young girls there.Fair play to him.

After the old town we headed to mission beach for abit of sunbathing and relaxing.It had a few groups of the idiot college kids on the beach being loud and playing throw the fucking horseshoe.Im not being funny but in the land of opportunity the best thing a bunch of bronzed muscle bound lads playing sports on a California beach was throw the bloody horseshoe.I mean cant they think of something slighty more fun.What happened to volleyball,weve all seen Top Gun for crying out loud.

Then I watched another stupid tourist start to feed the seagulls,now im not sure how thick this girl was but when they have signs around saying dont feed the seagulls,that usually is there for your own benefit.

I warned her not to do it but minutes later she was surrounded by hundreds of the ShiteHawks as we call them in England.Major error.


Day 3

Today was a really exciting day for me,because we were going to the world famous San Diego zoo,which if im honest has been a lifelong dream of mine.I loved my local zoo as a child and went there a hell of a lot and when on my eastern European trip last year we made a thing of seeing the zoos wherever we went.And seeing as its meant to be the best zoo in the world I was looking forward to it.

Our host Bobbie came up trumps today aswell,she was a member at the zoo and managed to get me in free.Then when she left she got the re-entry stamp on her hand,got Stacey and pressed the fresh stamp against her hand and then Stacey got in free aswell.

This was a saving of $70.When youre a budget traveller this is amazing.

The zoo itself was enormous and pretty amazing,I would say it is the second best zoo ive been to after Prague zoo,but that will take some beating.We spent around 5 hours at the zoo then we headed into Balboa park.

When we were in Balboa park we went to the hall of nations and checked out the England house,Yay! It was very English but more London English which is different from the rest of England.One thing that did bother me however was that they were serving tea and cookies,cookies,get some bloody digestives,hobknobs or bourbons.

Day 4

We had another eventful day today,we headed back to Balboa park because there was a free concert celebrating Martin Luther Kings birthday.

It was great but there were some people there who kind of missed the point.Some of them still think they are slaves and I honestly felt abit of tension sometimes.Not bad but there was some people there who I could tell they thought they were still fighting a fight.Regardless of new president about to be swarn in.

Afterwards we headed to the Natural history museum which was quiet expensive really and not that great. It had some interesting things and a cool cinema but on reflection we should of gone to the science museum.It looked cool.

In the evening we went to the gas lamp quarter and had dinner in a place called �Dicks�.Which turned out to be run by a bunch of dicks.

It was there motto to be complete dicks to their customers. It was funny but when you don�t know its their thing its hard to catch on.When we first went in we weren�t sure if the courtyard and the inside were the same restaurants.When I asked the guy said "Is everyone as stupid as you in England".Clearly not a man of the world seeing as they could of very well been two restaurants in any other part of the world.You get the impression they all think they are hilariously funny in there,if you are in the mood for humour aimed at 11 year olds then its fine, but it soon gets pretty samey. I admire them for taking the piss however,its a welcome reminder of home.Where taking the piss is a fundamental part of daily life.


This day was cool,it was the inauguration of Barack Obama,the first black president,a huge step forward.You could tell it was a special day.There was a very good vibe that day.What fucks me off is when they say he was the leader of the free world.Fuck off is he,this is something that has always bugged me about the US.

It was also free musem day at Balboa park so being budget travellers we werent gonna pass an opportunity like this.The first museum we went to was the the Timken museum of art,where we got to see an original Rembrant.Im no art critic but it was bloody brilliant.

After the Timken we went to the San Diego museum of art which highlights included an Andy Wharhol self portrait and to Monet originals.We finished our time in Balboa park with a visit to the Museum of Man which was great and then a tram ride round the park.


Our last day in San Diego was gonna be a lazy one.We headed to Seaport village for a few hours to wonder round the shops,and harbourside.

When we got back I was suffering really badly from blisters on my feet from the sandals I had and I wanted to rest my feet but Bobbie offered to take us to the farmers market at the beach.Not like a farmers market in England but was good.There were loads of drunk and stoned idiots down there,but they are always funny to watch.


We set our alarm for 4.20am and a taxi booked for 4.50am.But shock.the taxi never turned up and we were relying on it to connect all our buses,trams and then flight.We rang the company up and they said they had no record of the booking,I was pretty mad.

But luckily Bobbies housemate Alison saved our asses and actually took us all the way to the bus station.We were extremely grateful.

The bus was late getting into to LA,we were worried about getting to the airport for our 1pm flight and it was 10am when we met a Japanese guy whos flight was at 11am.We felt sorry for him and went in on a taxi with him so he got there quickly.Who knows if he made it in time though!

Now our time in America was at an end,my overall impression was there was so much wrong with this country,well California anyway, but there is also so much right. Example would be I saw three compact cars in my whole time in USA.Everyone else seemed to have huge trucks,jeeps,vans etc even for just one person.No need at all.These are the issues that need to be addressed for a greener world.I think I will be going there again.To see more of the country or the circus that is the US(this isnt a bad thing believe me).

James1985 says:
The people who didn't understand me were Mexicans Paul, SO that would explain it. The old town was cool on reflection now, but it was abit of a gimmick. Give me a european old town anyday. Im going back to California in September so il definitely go back.
Posted on: Apr 24, 2011
PaulDamms says:
Having been to LA and San Diego, I can't relate to any of this! Everyone I met was extremely friendly, especially in SD. As for people not understanding your accent...really??! I found that the accent actually benefitted me as people were always so eager to talk to a Brit!
Also, Old Town is amazing!
So far, in the 4 trips i have had to the U.S., I actually think it's an amazing country! People are far more open and friendly than in England...
Posted on: Apr 24, 2011
tiffa says:
ha ha! well said.
Posted on: Feb 07, 2010
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Well i actually am retired navy
Well i actually am retired navy
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