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We had a long wait around today for our flight to KL from Tawau, so we checked out as late as we could and got in a mini bus to Tawau airport. We hoped that the airport wouldn’t be a tiny one with nothing to do, but it was and we were forced to play monopoly for ages. And I won of course.

We met Alice(who we had been on Mabul with) at the airport and all got on the same Malaysian airlines flight to KL.The flight was great for 20quid, free meal , free drinks and ferrero roche, Bonus! On the way in to land in KL there was a massive thunderstorm and we could see it all from the plane , I couldn’t believe how often lightning was striking, it was every second.An amazing if not little worrying sight to see from a plane.

I duely put thunderstruck by AC/DC on whilst watching it.

We landed and made our way to Chinatown in KL, we didn’t have anywhere booked and it was really busy because of the formula one. Everywhere seemed to be booked from what we heard but luckily Alice had booked a room and it had three beds,so we all got a pretty cheap room that night. The only problem was the noise, it was above a fucking club or something, and the bed we were on seemed to creak every time I breathed.So all night I was awake.Not great!


I was pretty excited about our first full day in KL, because we were going to Sepang circuit to watch the grand prix, I hadn’t seen a grand prix since 1995 at Silverstone, at least I think it was 1995.

I went to the central station and bought 2 student tickets thinking we would be able to get away with it, well we didn’t so it involved me wasting 20quid and having to spend 40quid on two more tickets.

When we arrived at the grand prix it was literally pissing it down, I was a little annoyed but it wasn’t the end of the world because it was a good sign for an interesting race.

The weather brightened up and turned out really nice, except for the fact we were being eaten alive by ants no matter where we sat it was pretty cool. Then the race started and we watched Button lose his pole straight away and then after a few minutes we had no idea what was going on.There were hundreds of finnish people there cheering on Raikkonen, a driver I despise( something to do with Ferrari to be honest).

All the finns were telling me he was wining but it didn’t make any sense to me.And then the heavens opened and the safety car came out.And guess what, Raikkonen was behind the safety car, they were all screaming, but something didn’t make sense, he wasn’t at any point in contention with leading. When I finally got someone with a radio I asked him who was winning. In a really moody voice he said ‘Fucking Button’ , then I cheered the obligatory EN-GER-LAND in his face and it turned out he was finnish.1-0 to the English.haha. Then the lightning started and the race was halted, im not surprised as it was striking the race track and everything.

So they finally abandoned the race, and I heard a distant sound of God save the queen.I celebrated quietly to myself just incase I angered the mass of finns.

To be honest the day was a bit of a letdown but as long as and Englishman won I went away slightly happy if not a little bit annoyed!


When we got up Stacey and I had realised we had some sort of gross skin complaint, I had it on my neck and it looked like Koato from Total Recall, and Stacey had it all over her arms.The only thing we could attribute it to was the fucking ants at the track the day before.

So we headed to the Thai embassy with Malcolm who we had met, AGAIN, and it turned out they were having a public holiday and were closed.Very annoying.I would of loved a lie in.

Instead we just walked to the Petronas towers and had a look round and managed to get some cream for our skin diseases.


Today was much the same as the day before, we headed to the thai embassy and today had abit more luck in applying for the free two month tourist visa.

It involved a lot of hanging around but I was pretty lucky and got a ticket that was about 30 places ahead of where I should of been.

Then we went to the Petrons towers and had to buy some new cloths in the shopping mall there due to a mix up at the laundry.Then in the evening we had our hearts set on Pizza hut and we tracked it down and enjoyed a change from rice and noodles for a change.


We got up early and went to the Batu caves which are located outside of KL, the bus journey there was full of Indians which I didn’t no why until I realise the caves were Hindu temples aswell. Idiot!

The caves themselves were quite cool actually and were home to hundreds of monkeys, there was a funny situation with an american family with very young children, the kids saw two monkeys “at it” and the young lad shouted at the top of his voice “ look their mating” it was very amusing.

To get to the caves you have to walk up 272 steps to get there, this is funny watching the bus loads of Chinese,Japanese and american tourists dying on their ways up and down the steps.

There were hundreds of hindus there praying to their respective gods and I always find it fascinating to see acts of devotion from religious people, I don’t know for what reason but some of the women there had shaven their heads whilst they are there. I think it may have something to do with the death of a family member. Please correct me if you know.

Afterwards we headed to the Thai embassy to receive our visas for Thailand and got them with no problems at all, we then said our goodbyes to Malcolm, for now, because more than likely we would see him again soon.

In the evening we went to the cinema and watched Fast and furious 4, not bad for 2quid really.

James1985 says:
i only stayed in KL for 5 days but i stayed in china town so i get what you mean!
Posted on: May 03, 2009
witchey says:
How much longer are you staying in KL? I loved a specific local foodie thing at China Town there...if you have time, unmissable!
Posted on: May 03, 2009
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