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We arrived at Pingyao’ s station at about 7am, and our first thing to do was book onward tickets, but after looking at the que we decided to come back later for tickets.

So we took our free ride to the hostel we booked, which cost us 50p each, thus setting a new record for cheapest room. The hostel was really nice and Stacey was pretty happy to see they had a 1 month old puppy, which she continued to harass.

After getting settled we headed to the train station again and started queing . While in the que an old Chinese guy decided of all the people in the que to push in front of it would be us. I have been in asia long enough to be fed up with that shit.

And im English, you don’t fuck with us while queing. So I motioned for him to join the que at the back and he started saying something in Chinese to me. So then I told him to fuck off, wasted I know but I felt better. He persisted to the point that we started pushing each other, and if im honest had he been younger id of probably smacked him one. But he didn’t get in in the end and he probably lost face, bad for him but not for me as I have no shame. We got our tickets then headed back to chill out.

Because on the train we had a fart grunting pig beneath us all night on the train, we were pretty tired so we slept for a while.

Later on however when we wanted to go out it was pissing it down so we were stuck in so we chilled in the hostel common room which was great.


On our second day we wanted to walk around Pingyao’s old town walls, so we got up early and planned on doing it in the morning.

But torrential rain went on all day, and we didn’t wanna do it in the rain so we spent most of the day chilling out and reading. But we did manage to get out for a bit later on but just to look around. We decided to buy the two day ticket tomorrow instead and use it on our last two days.

In the evening I got pretty drunk( again) and was trying to explain to a Korean guy and two Chinese girls the complexities of speaking with a Geordie accent, which turned out to be very amusing.


On the third day something amazing happened, I actually wore trousers and shoes for possibly the first time in 6 months.

The weather was on par with English weather and I got to wrap up. I welcomed the first day proper since Japan where I didn’t spend the whole day sweating.

In the morning at 7am a Chinese girl in our dorm got up, rustled bags for about ten minutes, until Stacey told her to be quiet or go outside. She went outside then came back and turned the light on, then I woke up and told her to get the fuck out. She motioned to her camera, like she was doing something but I didn’t care. Be quiet turn the light off of fuck off, dorm rules you stupid cow.

So we bought our wall tickets and got a healthy student discount again( thank you Khao san road) and headed to the entrance. It took us a while to find the entrance but once up there the views were amazing. Really good. Reminded me of a drab Dubrovnik.

We only walked around half the wall and then went back down to the streets and walked round for a while, before rain again sending us back indoors.

In the evening we had an amazing meal of Aromatic crispy duck and beef and potatoes. Which was really really good.


We were woken up at 4am by some dick outside shouting and screaming, then we fell back asleep. Until 6am when the stupid Chinese girl was rustling bags again. Then at 7am a family of Chinese had the loudest conversation downstairs and the kids screamed for ages. That was until I got up and told them to shut the fuck up. I didn’t wanna be the guy who disciplines other peoples kids but in China they are incapable of doing so, so its boiled down to me, spending most of my time dodging spit and telling off kids.

It must be the only child syndrome as most of the kids are little shits.

But as a whole the Chinese are loud people, they just raise their voices more and more until they are heard. Im sorry America, your title has been taken.

Being up early didn’t do much, we got up chilled out then went to see a few temples before coming back for lunch. Which I had another excellent curry. After lunch we went and walked through some back lanes to view some average non touristy life, it was great and Pingyaos buildings are soo gorgeous. Then we visited a few more temples and residences.

After getting back to the hostel we went out the back to see sloppy the dog, he is a beautiful golden retreiver that the hostel owner keeps chained up out the back 24hrs a day on his own. He is the most amazing dog ive ever met. So we have been feeding him and walking him, or even just letting him off his chain for a run. Ive pretty much consigned myself to come back to china to teach english in Pingyao and adopt him, im serious too. So if you come to Pingyao, stay in the Zhengjia hostel and pay a visit to Sloppy in the far back courtyard through the wooden doors and keep him company. He is an absolutely beautiful dog. Please just do it for me, unless i get there before.

After another great meal we went back to pack our bags, tomorrow Beijing!

Deats says:
Might go to Pingyao this summer, but the guy we will go with wont stay in hostels i think. If i get the chance i'll pay the dog a visit, although i fear it may have been eaten by now!
Posted on: Jun 02, 2010
James1985 says:
they are very loud, and get annoying. then your annoyed with them, then they are ridiculously kind to you and you feel bad for getting annoyed!
Posted on: Aug 25, 2009
vro7 says:
agree with the loud chinese people ! lol
Posted on: Aug 25, 2009
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