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We arrived in Chengdu at 3.30pm after 26hours of squalor on the train, we had to make it to our couch surfing host place, but unfortunately, Stacey made me get on the wrong but which I was against. And SHOCK! We got lost.

A few sweaty hours later we found the place and Dhane, our host, invited us in. But he was ill so locked himself away in his room. Then we realised the problem. His place was a fucking cesspit and infested with cockroaches. It was disgusting. It made me feel really bad because he had been so nice to let us stay. But I wasn’t surprised he was ill living in filth. Stacey had a really hard time dealing with all the bugs and we almost had to leave because of it.

The place reminded me of a crack den. He was nice though.haha.

After treating ourselves to a pizza hut we crashed out for a long and well needed sleep.


Originally we were to get up at 6.30am and head out to the giant panda breeding centre but we were so knackered we fucked it off and stayed in bed till around 11am.

So instead we headed into the city to see some of its sights. We met a fellow couch surfer who told us about this thing called the Panda card. We got it and it cost us 1Yuan. And it got us in everywhere for free.

And firstly we went to Wufuo temple and had saved ourselves 120yuan already. The temple was quite nice and set in rather large grounds. But it was over run with Chinese tourists, which we had to constantly skip around because we were in danger of them spitting on our feet.

Dirty bastards!

We checked out the Tibetan quarter aswell which I thought to be abit of a letdown. I wanted it to be really cool but it was just full of outdoor shops. I had a longing to go to Tibet but we didn’t have enough time for it or money. Maybe one day when they actually let foreigners go places other than Lhasa.

In the early evening we went to the centre park and sat watching the huge statue of chairman Mao. Before heading back for a very early night.


We did manage to get up on time today, and along with Racky, a fellow couch surfer from the Phillipines, we headed to the Giant Panda breeding centre.

The taxi there was actually really cheap, and it got better when we were there, the panda card came up trumps and got us in for free. Saving us another 120 yuan.

We spent the next couple of hours in the centre watching the playful pandas muck around. The sub adults were especially funny, pushing each other in the pond and fighting.

We also got to see a one month old panda which was very sweet.After a while however they went to sleep and it was boring so thus time to leave.

Back in Chengdu we had an excellent Mexican lunch before heading back to Dhanes to chill before our night train to Xian.

To get to the train station we go the 52 bus with 1hr 20 mins before our train left. We thought this would be enough time but we soon realised it wasn’t. A guy on the bus said he was worried we wouldn’t make it due to traffic. And then the whole bus were talking about how to get us to the station on time. So this guy( legend) got off the bus with us, hailed a taxi, and then told him to cain it to the station. The guy then ran with us to pretty much our train. He saved our asses then we never saw him again, shame, id of liked to of bought him a beer.

Deats says:
Wow, that panda card sounds awesome. Why the fuck dont LP mention this?
Posted on: Jun 02, 2010
James1985 says:
definitely no wafus there, thank god! haha
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
johnyb66 says:
great pics of the pandas by the way..
Posted on: Aug 18, 2009
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