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Yeah, I think one day in Vang Vieng was enough, and suffering from some severly bruised or cracked ribs, the best thing for me to do is leave. That’ll teach me to belly flop off ropeswings I suppose.

The “air-con” bus we booked to take us to Vientiane turned out to have no air-con at all, no surprise there, so we sat there sweating for about 5 hours. It would have been shorter but some muppet american girl actually left her passport at her hotel in Vang Vieng. Dick!

We arrived in Vientiane around 6pm and after finding some decent accomodation and grabbing some food, we headed out for a few drinks.

Me and the guys stayed up until 4 to watch the Champions league final, where Man utd were ruthlessly outclassed. Quite ironic seeing as Barcelona shouldn’t of even been in the final.


I managed to stay in bed until about midday but as usual Stacey made sure I got up, regardless of the fact that I hadn’t gone to bed until 4am.Sooner or later she will give up and head out on her own for a few hours.Until then I suffer.

It was actually our two year anniversary today so we treated ourselves to a nice lunch at an English bar, where I had an enormous and delicious pork chop.The food dreams are made of in south east asia.

Then we just generally chilled out for the day just bumbling round Vientiane, I couldn’t actually believe this was actually a capital city.So quiet but that’s a good thing.

And I still havent seen a kfc,McDonalds etc to taint the area. Laos definitely has a lot of character albeit a little too French.

In the evening we went for another nice meal which was Indian/Chinese fusion,it was very nice.Afterwards we met the guys and went bowling where I came in joint last.It didn’t bother me as ive always been shit at bowling.

My ribs were still causing me horrendous agony!


We had planned on going down through Laos into Cambodia but we changed are minds and decided to head to Vietnam first.So we needed to get our visas. So we headed to the embassy and after some running around to get some US dollars,we got our visas a mere two hours after applying.

Whilst we were waiting for the visas we headed to a huge market where I bought some whisky with a snake in the jar.

And then after that headed to Pha That Luang.

It was so fucking hot getting there and Stacey was almost dying in the heat, when we got there it looked impressive from a distance.But when we went in I wasn’t too impressed, being a symbol of national pride it isn’t very well preserved.I wished I hadn’t paid money to go and look around inside.In truth, it was shit!

We headed back to the guesthouse and saw the boys off as they were heading to Phonsovan and the plain of jars.


I rented a bike in the morning so I could cycle to the bus station and book tickets to Phonsovan that evening. On the way there I started feeling really shit and sick, my ribs were also killing me so I was forced to head back to the guesthouse and book it through them.

Just before checking out I got our laundry back off them and there was a little problem.

My red t-shirt came back slightly damp, not something that would bother me much usually but the thing that pissed me off was I could still smell my stinking B.O in the armpits.Gross. I went down and complained and they told me it was just still wet, I told them that they obviously hadn’t washed them with much if any suds. They protested their innocence as always but as always they were lying twats so I refused to pay the full amount. What makes me laugh is they try and haggle with you over how much you will give them.Funny really as they were lucky to get anything.

After checking out I caught up on shitloads of blog and went to the national museum which like the national monument was rather shite.

We got on the night bus around 8pm!

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