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I had to get up at 8am to book the mini bus to Pai for 9.30 but as usual I didn’t want to get up at all. It’s the coolest time of the day to sleep in the morning, so its always annoying to get up.

The journey to Pai was pretty horrible to be honest,sooo many twists and turns through albeit pretty stunning scenery but I felt quite sick actually. And when we arrived at the midway point I couldn’t wait to get out of the bus.

We arrived in Pai at 12.30 and after getting some cheap and fairly good accom we headed out for some lunch.I got to have a really good meatball sandwich, it was one of the first proper nice sandwiches I have had since leaving home.

Pai is a cool little town with a very laid back atmosphere, the only down side was that is had a lot of the arrogant hippie types who think they are better than everyone because they havent washed for two years and think dreadlocks are a way of life.

It was a very relaxed place and I liked the place instantly.I managed to get 20 films synched to my Ipod which was great as it would make a lot of those 12 hour bus journeys a lot more bearable.Then I rented a scooter and blitzed around for a while then had a few beers. Stacey went to bed early so I went out with Cristobal and Rolando but most of the bars were pretty deserted.


After not getting in until 3 am this morning I made no rush to get up to early today in order to avoid a nasty hangover.So I managed to avoid Stacey getting me up until midday and then went for some lunch/breakfast.

Then the heavens opened and we had intended on going for a ride on the bike but had to wait until it stopped,so we just watched a film to pass the time.

It was funny on the scooter because although I had driven round for about 20minutes the night before,today I had to take Stacey everywhere to, thus being responsible for her safety too. Which if im honest span me out abit because it was my first time on a scooter, but id never let her lose on her own on one, not after she has become the clumsiest woman alive on this trip.

It was great fun and we just rode around for ages visiting some elephant camp and feeding one cool elephant that we took a liking to. The roads around Pai are excellent for riding around on, it opens up loads of other things to do if you get one there and I highly recommend it.And its really cheap, only 2 quid a day!

In the early evening we headed to the hot springs but they had the usual racist foreigner prices so we gave it a miss.

We had a few drinks again in the evening and were talking to some English girls, they seemed ok until they invited us on a hunt to find an old Chinese lady to buy a load of drugs. I meet too many of these fuck wits on my travels. Stacey ordered a cocktail which cost 3quid and it turned out to be basically a shot of pina colada. What a fucking joke!


After a late breakfast we headed out on the bike for the day, it was great fun and we went round for ages, we visited loads of cool things like a Chinese villages, temples, over rivers etc etc

We had been riding round for a few hours when I looked at my arms and realised what a dick I had been, I didn’t put any suntan lotion on at all, such an error as now had bright red forearms.

So we headed back to our guesthouse and then I dropped off Stacey, then I realise there was petrol left in the scooter and im not gonna give a scooter back with petrol . So I went off a ragged the scooter as fast as I could on deserted roads until I almost ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere.I got back just as the scooter was sputtering on fumes. A good day.

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photo by: Stevie_Wes